Why Cleanse? Good Digestion Depends on it!

good digestion is key to weight loss, happiness, and health, and well being

Good Digestion = Health, Happiness & Weight Loss!

Why is good digestion essential for health, happiness, and weight loss? Because sustainable weight loss, speedy metabolism, and elevated moods all depend on good digestion! Ninety-five percent of serotonin, the “feel good” neurotransmitter, is produced in the gut. In other words, when bellies aren’t happy, we aren’t happy either! Eighty percent of the immune system is located in the gut as well. Inflammation, the root cause of illness, invites digestive stress and lymphatic congestion. Symptoms of arthritis, allergies, headaches, and fatigue can be greatly reduced by healing the gut.

Cleansing = Healing

How do we do begin to heal the gut? We cleanse! The 21-Day Cleanse outlined in my books eliminates foods and substances most challenging to the gut and immune system. These include sugar, wheat, dairy, processed fats, and junk food, alcohol, coffee, and soda. My cleanse permits unlimited amounts of delicious, nutrient-rich foods such organic vegetables, clean organic proteins such as eggs, fish and chicken, as well as fresh vegetable juices, protein-packed smoothies. The antidote to a “sugar-jones” is digestible protein. I teach the fast and easy snacks to reach for when cravings occur. No one goes hungry on this cleanse!

I also teach how to detoxify your body through coffee enemas–one in the privacy of your own home. Coffee enemas directly cleanse the liver and beautify the skin, the body’s largest organ, and reduce symptoms of caffeine and sugar withdrawal. Our colons can hold 5-25 pounds of sludge, slowing our metabolism to a dead halt. Good digestion becomes compromised. Removing that waste is a great boost to immune health, and is also a wonderful mood elevator.

Toxins in Our Environment = Toxins in the Gut & Brain

We come into contact with a whopping 2500 chemicals a day, in the air we breathe, through our skin and in our foods. Even those of us who enjoy a mostly organic lifestyle cannot avoid toxins in our world. We would have to live in a bubble, and who wants to do that? Life is for living! However, these toxins take their toll. The World Health Organization predicts that in the next decade, one of every two people will get cancer, and the same statistic holds true for diabetes. Dementia and brain-related issues are also on the rise. Because our lymphatic system connects our brains directly to our gut, cleansing allows the brain to flush toxins as well. We can live in fear or face these problems head on, and use these tools to make ourselves as healthy as possible. That is why I cleanse my body seasonally, and love teaching others to do the same.

Sunday, Oct. 9 = Start of the Cleanse!

Join us this Sunday for six weeks of fun, learning, recipes, and meeting new friends and cleansing buddies. Feel free to email me at julialoggins@gmail.com with any questions. We will be launching the Happy-Gut Fall Cleanse the Sunday Oct 9 at 5:30 PST!

 ITGH-AudioBookCover-4-11-2016DTD--2016CDCoverBooks Available in Audio

I am super excited that BOTH my books are available in audio form. Find them on my website for download, and or iTunes and Amazon Audible. After a successful run of the audio version of Dare to Detoxify! my clients convinced me to record my new book, It Takes Guts To Be Happy! They love listening as well as reading. I hope you do, too!

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