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Julia loggins Offers Cleansing for energy to eliminate sugar
Julia Loggins is a Certified Colon Therapist, Digestive Health Expert and Author of 'It Takes Guts to Be Happy!'


Heal your Gut, Clear your Head and
Find your Happy in 21 days -
and say goodbye to bloating,
cravings and fatigue forever!

Heal your Gut,
Clear your Head and
Find your Happy
in 21 days -
and say goodbye to bloating, cravings and fatigue forever!

Do you struggle with bloat, brain fog and fatigue?

Have you tried a dozen diets and a hundred supplements, and nothing helps?

I’ve been there!

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And I’ve helped thousands of people heal and live a passionate, pain-free life  with step-by-step sustainable lifestyle changes that create huge shifts.

However, even the best TOOLS and INFORMATION is not enough!! Personal support, accountability and community is what makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE and why this program is different than ANY OTHER PROGRAM OUT THERE.

That’s why the Happy Gut Makeover has live group weekly calls and a members-only Facebook group. It takes a village! If you’re ready to HEAL YOUR BODY AND HAVE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS, you will have an intimate community of like-minded men and women to help you achieve your goals!

In the Happy Gut Makeover, you will find 28 modules of in-depth video training, along with step-by-step lessons that will empower you to release the stress that’s holding you hostage and build a healthy relationship with your body WITHOUT WHITE KNUCKLING IT, without starving and without feeling deprived.

The Happy Gut Makeover online course
with weekly coaching calls is the last cleanse you’ll ever need.

After 21-days, you’ll be able to:

  • Release your cravings
  • Eliminate belly pain, gas & bloating
  • Reduce stress in 60 seconds with biofeedback
  • Turbocharge your energy & metabolism
  • Detoxify your colon & release 5-20 pounds of waste
  • See your skin glow as toxins disappear
  • Learn to prepare healthy, healing, delicious meals in less time
  • Create a plan to manifest & maintain your new healthy lifestyle
  • Connect with brilliant, motivated people who are reinventing their bodies, minds & careers

The Happy Gut Makeover IS NOT like any
other online course you’ve taken!


The course, coaching calls, email support and private support group:

  • Lifetime access to the 28-module online course
  • Weekly live coaching calls with me
  • Direct email access to me for personal support and answers to your questions
  • Lifetime Access to the Happy Gut Makeover Private Facebook Group

The course textbook, plus 3 of my supplements designed for ultra-senstive people:

  • My book It Takes Guts to be Happy! (264 pages)
  • Enzyme Energy (food enzymes)
  • Happy Gut Cleanse, a gentle colon cleanse
  • Bugs Be Gone, a parasite-fighting formula
  • pH strips, for Measuring alkalinity and acidity
  • Biofeedback Stress Testing Card
It Takes Gut's to Be Happy by Julia Loggins

I have dreamed of creating high quality supplements and protein powders ever since I was on the road with my former husband Kenny Loggins, and fresh food was nowhere to be found in airports! Who knew that “The Unimaginable Life, Part 2” would include our relationship as loving co-parents and allies – and a protein powder that Kenny loves…

My Story

My health was once a "hopeless" situation...

Doctors told me I wouldn’t live past 17. When I did, they told me I could never have children…

I saved my own life, and I’ve helped thousands of people heal.

Who could imagine I would turn into that lucky mama on the right, holding the hands of her beautiful daughter?!

I was born “allergic to the twentieth century.” My body’s reactions to environmental pollutants, toxic foods, and household chemicals spawned life-threatening asthma by the time I was just five years old. At the age of ten, I was living with rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, bleeding ulcers, colitis, and diverticulitis. While on steroids for twelve years, I survived three near-death situations due to anaphylactic shock. My family had given up hope for me to survive beyond my teens.

If you’re struggling with autoimmune disease, tummy troubles, inflammation, severe allergies or infertility — I’ve been there. If I can heal, so can you.

Detox, cleansing and confronting the demons — from foods to environmental substances to  the trauma that caused these illnesses was the journey…and the picture above, the arrival.

I found the keys out of hell.

But I didn’t discover this overnight.

I studied for ten years with the pioneers of the natural health movement and the icons in mind-body psychology. The first population of clients I had were seriously ill people who had lost all hope and willpower. I discovered that willpower has nothing to do with why we self-sabotage! I learned that simple steps taken IN THE RIGHT ORDER create healing that lasts forever!

I’ve helped thousands of people heal their digestion, shed the bloat and the brain fog, and have the kind of energy they thought only belonged to top-level athletes.

The Happy Gut Makeover embraces the concept that CREATIVITY is what we’re here for, whether it’s to make a baby, a business or a blazing new art form…and I am committed to supporting you as you make your dreams come true.

Yes, you NEED a healthy body and mind to do that. First steps first. You can’t change the world when you feel like crap and can’t get out of bed.

I have found my life’s work.

I want you to find yours.

And be healthy enough to enjoy it — and the rest of your life — for a long, long time!

 – Julia

On Day One you’ll feel the power of changing your life,
and I’ll be with you every step of the way!

Questions for me?

Testimonials and Recommendations

Do you have a gassy, bloated belly? 
Acid reflux, heartburn & belching?
Depressed…blah…no energy, no sparkle?

Well, so did all of these Happy Gut Makeover students.
See their testimonials of success!

Bridget Benenate
Bridget BenenateSanta Barbara, CA
When I first met Julia, I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed. I had rashes, was diagnosed with Lyme disease, Hashimotos and lead poisoning. Every time I would eat something I'd feel terrible.

My digestion wasn't working, and it was difficult to find foods that I could digest. During the Happy-Gut Makeover it was so fun to have the support of Julia and others doing the cleanse! I learned so much about nutrition. My health journey has not been easy but Julia has helped guide me through. Her suggestions, recommendations and advice have always been right on. With all of my autoimmune issues, I am actually doing GREAT these days. My skin has cleared, and I have not had a rash in two years! Julia is a true healer.
Patrick Busch
Patrick BuschNew York, NY
"The first several days of the cleanse were the toughest - being very mindful of what I should not be eating, and trying to figure out what I should be eating. Finding the balance of macronutrients (fats, proteins, carbs) is a key part of the puzzle...

After 2 1/2 days on the regimen I entered sweet ketosis, and that's when things changed for me. I achieved a clear mind, nasal passage and clean-burning energy. I was getting no more sleep than usual, but was amazed to see how much more energy I had without coffee...Julia was totally available throughout the process, with all of her palpable joy and concern throughout. Do yourself a favor and dare to detoxify!"
Jewell Dennis
Jewell DennisNew York, NY
Julia is the undisputed expert on good health and a beacon of hope to all who are interested in (and perhaps struggling with) maintaining good health and longevity. Not only is Julia the kindest, most supportive and empowering coach, she is my Happy-Gut Guru!
Patricia King-Gould
Patricia King-GouldNew Jersey
I am forever grateful to Julia Loggins for the time she spent with me during The Happy Gut Makeover. Prior to knowing Julia, I had spent most of my life learning how to live the healthiest lifestyle possible.  

I thought I knew a great deal about a lot of different types of alternative therapies and ways to stay healthier. Julia taught me so many things that I did not know.  Her knowledge is so vast and so profound.  She has learned from experience and from her own need to heal herself. I will always cherish the time I got to spend talking with Julia.
Dawn Mosisa
Dawn MosisaEllicott City, MD
I was introduced to Julia's work through my Patricia Diorio, who has worked with her for many years, for help with chronic daily migraines which I've had for about 15 years. And frankly, I wanted my life back. I live on the east coast, so I worked with Julia' remotely, participating in a few of her cleanse programs with weekly group coaching calls. It was life changing for me, and compared to most of my family and friends, I already ate a healthy diet! And yes, Julia's work was transformational for me, and also for my teenage daughter who worked with her as well. Protein smoothies are a part of our daily lives now! I've learned so much, and more with each cleanse I did. Julia is highly knowledgable about gut health and how it interacts with synergistically with your overall health. Her work is dynamic and she personalizes her focus to what your issues are. Julia is very flexible in her approach and encourages you to take one step at a time on your journey towards optimal health so you won't get overwhelmed. Julia is also one of the kindest and most supportive people I've ever met. As for my daughter, she actually took on eating no processed foods, dairy or sugar as her way to eat every day always, and her health issues, energy levels and self-esteem dramatically improved. She's been eating this way for four years now.

The Happy Gut Makeover will take you step by step to
Cleanse, Release, Nourish, Re-Set, Re-Invent, Create and Sustain!

God bless Julia Loggins. Not only is she the sweetest and one of the most loving human beings that you'll ever meet, she's also brilliant, talented and understands how to help people recover their health. Your health is your most precious possession and Julia shows you what you need to do in order to optimize it.
Michael Galtzer, M.D.
Medical Director, American Health Institute
Julia Loggins is the embodiment of caring that you know HOW TO create and HAVE optimal health AND the inner and outer beauty that follows. She has the enlightenment, wisdom and experience to teach you in the stepwise fashion necessary to achieve this MOST CHERISHED goal. FOLLOW THE LEADER!
Julia T. Hunter, M.D.
Holistic Dermatologist
Julia's Happy Gut Makeover is a fabulous first step in saving your health and your sanity. Happiness, vitality and longevity are connected to brain chemistry, hormones, digestion and lifestyle. You can take charge of your own body - detoxify and nourish it - and avoid or heal the depression and fatigue that so many struggle with. Do this program. You CAN be happy and healthy again!
Hyla Cass, M.D. and Author
8 Weeks to Vibrant Health
No one can give you this health and happiness perspective better than Julia. What you eat absolutely affects your genes and how they respond! Whether you are battling a serious illness or just want to stay healthy...this program is a GREAT place to start!
Julie Taguchi, M.D.

What you’ll learn:

  • The 21-Day Cleanse to detoxify & eliminate sugar & carb cravings without feeling hungry or deprived!

  • Stress reduction techniques to release stress held in the body
  • How to prepare nourishing foods in under 20 minutes
  • Habit Re-Set to permanently change patterns of self-sabotage
  • Blueprint for reinventing your life from the bottom up!
  • Creating a template for discovering the creative outlet that brings you joy
  • Tools for sustaining, health, radiance, energy & creativity, even when the going gets tough! (especially!)

Take charge of your health and happiness. Enroll today and you'll also get Julia's protein powder in Vanilla or Chocolate!

Get lifetime access to the 28-module online course, weekly group coaching calls and the 3 cleansing supplements, course textbook ‘It Takes Guts to Be Happy’, ph strips, biofeedback stress card PLUS your bonus of All-Day Energy protein powder!

Did you miss the bonus? That's ok...just email us at to request your special gift when you join the Happy-Gut Makeover!

Are you ready to feel amazing?