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Lymphatic massage Can stimulate Lymphatic Drainage

From Lymphatic Health to Wrinkle-Free Skin

By Julia Loggins

Healing and facilitating the healing process is a team sport. Yes, I have studied with phenomenal teachers who were beyond eccentric, didn’t play well with others and were channeling their own unique genius. I owe them a lot. However, my golden Rolodex of go-to professionals includes everyone who is both phenomenal and a team player. My practice and my life would not be a success without them. I want you to meet four of them!

Doctors of The Future

Allen and Anita Mills of the Center For Lymphatic Health, Santa Barbara, California

Nearly two decades ago, Anita Mills was diagnosed with serious breast congestion. They suspected it was cancer, and surgeons were ready to cut. She said, emphatically, “No! There must be another way.” She and her husband, Allen, found it – lymphatic therapy. To save her, Allen studied this powerful but neglected science, and became one of the most skilled therapists in the country. Now spending much of his time teaching, Allen’s gifted and passionate staff carry on his work, under his tutelage.

Ten years ago, Allen began referring his clients to me for colon therapy. The combination of colon therapy and lymphatic therapy brought miraculous results, and proved to me how important teamwork is. Allen, Anita and I see consider colon therapy and lymphatic drainage twin modalities. They work optimally when practiced together. If the lymph waste is not moved out of the colon after a treatment, toxins can re-circulate in the body, causing flu-like symptoms and headaches.

Dr. Henry Han, Santa Barbara, California

The son of western medical doctors, who also attended medical school, Dr. Han choose to study and practice the traditional Chinese medicine of his grandparents. His knowledge and the success of his patients have earned him enormous trust and respect. Dr. Han treats patients with acute illnesses such as colds and flus, as well as catastrophic diseases such as cancer, lupus, M.S. and other autoimmune disorders.

I became Dr. Han’s patient myself many years ago when struggling with sinusitis that no one else could cure. One week on his herbs was all it took to turn the corner on a nasty infection. This was someone I needed to know! Practicing in his clinic has allowed me to see the magical synergy between colon hydrotherapy and Chinese herbs.

lymphatic drainage massage therapist hands on woman leg ankle

lymphatic drainage massage therapist hands on woman leg ankle

Cutting-Edge Medicine

Dr. Michael Galitzer, American Health Institute, Los Angeles, California

A world-renown doctor of integrative medicine, Dr. Galitzer is often the first person I call or refer to when a client presents an unusual and challenging set of symptoms. Not only does he always have an idea or direction, he responds quickly. How many busy doctors do you know who do that?

Dr. Galitzer keeps himself astutely apprised of everything going on in the world of cutting-edge medicine. As brilliant as he is, the way calms and supports my clients through difficult challenges touches me the most.

Dr. Julia T. Hunter, Beverly Hills, California

To say that Dr. Hunter is my favorite dermatologist in the world is an understatement. Dr. Hunter was trained as an anesthesiologist and pediatric oncologist before becoming board certified in the art and science of treating our largest organ, the skin. She has studied and become proficient in energy medicine, and like Dr. Galitzer, is a life-long student. Her line of skincare is the only one I use. It’s available on her website:

Dr. Hunter is an artist, who redefines “skin care” to include care of the whole body. Her wisdom and intuition are always enlightening, whether my question involves a client’s angry rash or their unsolvable migraines.

These are just four of my fabulous team members. I will introduce you to four more next week!


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