Julia loggins Offers Cleansing for energy to eliminate sugar
Julia Loggins is a Certified Colon Therapist, Digestive Health Expert and Author of "It Takes Guts to Be Happy"

Your best years are ahead!

Are you struggling with mood swings and burn-out? How about bloat, fatigue
and a tire around your middle, where your tummy used to be? I get it.

Are you struggling with mood swings and burn-out? How about bloat, fatigue and a tire around your middle, where your tummy used to be? I get it.

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At 49,  I was depressed, bloated and frustrated beyond belief. I woke up every day wondering where I’d find the energy to go to work and take care of my kids without flipping out. If this sounds like where you are, I’ve been there!


Being a colon therapist for two decades, I knew health and vitality begins in the gut. 

I studied with world-famous anti-aging experts, experimented and made mistakes..but I did it — I found my sparkle! I discovered the keys to turning menopause into the best second chapter you can possibly imagine. Youth is NOT wasted on the young! 


Here’s what’s stopping you from soaring, instead of sinking:




And  FEAR that the best is behind you…

Read my story below and you’ll be assured that “good genes” is not what got me here. YOU can be the happiest you’ve ever been – at 50, 60, 70…and beyond. I’ll show you the way!

The Mastering Menopause Makeover will guide you with 29 course modules, weekly group coaching calls. You’ll receive the course textbook ‘It Takes Guts to Be Happy’ and my THREE most popular cleansing/detox supplements (for sensitive systems).

The Mastering Menopause Makeover
is unlike any other course or cleanse you’ve done before!

What you get:

the online course, email support, coaching calls and private facebook group:

  • Lifetime access to the 29-module online course
  • Lifetime Access to Weekly coaching calls
  • Direct email access to me for personal support and answers to your questions
  • Lifetime Access to the Mastering Menopause Makeover Private Facebook Group


The course textbook, plus my top 3 supplements designed for ultra-sensitive people:

  • My book It Takes Guts to be Happy! (264 pages)
  • Enzyme Energy (food enzymes)
  • Happy Gut Cleanse (a gentle colon cleanse)
  • Bugs Be Gone a parasite-fighting formula
  • pH strips, for Measuring alkalinity and acidity
  • Biofeedback Stress Testing Card
It Takes Gut's to Be Happy by Julia Loggins

Julia's 10-minute video:
The 3 Keys to Digestive Health

Watch it and receive 4 bonus videos on how to bust cravings, banish burnout and start balancing your hormones...in just 3 days!

You'll be able to:

Kick sugar and junk food – with ease

Learn what foods fuel your body and how to prepare them in under 30 minutes!

Alkalize your body, which protects your bones and reverses the aging process

Complete a 21-Day Cleanse without feeling hungry or cranky


Become proficient in techniques that reduce inflammation & pain


Define Your Goals for The Next Chapter of your life


Write the Road Map for Your New Life with Action & Accountability Steps

Eliminate bloat, elevate your moods, reduce inflammation and
re-write the script of your life!

It Takes Gut's to Be Happy by Julia Loggins

I have dreamed of creating high quality supplements and protein powders ever since I was on the road with my former husband Kenny Loggins, and fresh food was nowhere to be found in airports! Who knew that “The Unimaginable Life, Part 2” would include our relationship as loving coparents and allies – and a protein powder that Kenny loves…

Testimonials & Recommendations

Becky Arthur
Becky ArthurNew York, NY
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As a 58 year old dealing with chronic digestive issues, I desperately needed the Makeover!!  It changed my life! I am so excited to see my chronic bloating and gas eliminated!! I feel energized and alive and my belly is happy!!

I HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone. Her expertise, her gentle but firm approach to handling the issues, and her years of research were all great reasons to listen to her; but it was her radiance that struck me! You cannot be THAT radiant without following some kind of healthy protocol! Her dedication to well-being inspired me to gain MY health and radiance again. 
I've also taken Julia Loggins herbal formulas and they are also very helpful for digestion.  After the holidays I really needed to take care of yeast from eating too much sugar.  The formulas Happy Gut Cleanse, Yeast Be Gone and yes, the Bugs Be Gone are all products that I've taken and found them to be gentle.  I will continue to take the protein powder and other products to support my digestive system because they are WORKING!!!  Thank you Julia Loggins, for helping so many people!  
Jewell Dennis
Jewell DennisNew York, NY
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Julia is the undisputed expert on good health and a beacon of hope to all who are interested in (and perhaps struggling with) maintaining good health and longevity. Not only is Julia the kindest, most supportive and empowering coach, she is my Happy-Gut Guru!
Bridget Benenate
Bridget BenenateSanta Barbara, CA
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When I first met Julia, I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed. I had rashes, was diagnosed with Lyme disease, Hashimotos and lead poisoning. Every time I would eat something I'd feel terrible.

My digestion wasn't working, and it was difficult to find foods that I could digest. During the Makeover it was so fun to have the support of Julia and others doing the cleanse! I learned so much about nutrition. My health journey has not been easy but Julia has helped guide me through. Her suggestions, recommendations and advice have always been right on. With all of my autoimmune issues, I am actually doing GREAT these days. My skin has cleared, and I have not had a rash in two years! Julia is a true healer.
Patricia King-Gould
Patricia King-GouldNew Jersey
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I am forever grateful to Julia Loggins for the time she spent with me during The Makeover.

Prior to knowing Julia, I had spent most of my life learning how to live the healthiest lifestyle possible.  I thought I knew a great deal about a lot of different types of alternative therapies and ways to stay healthier. Julia taught me so many things that I did not know.  Her knowledge is so vast and so profound.  She has learned from experience and from her own need to heal herself. I will always cherish the time I got to spend with Julia.  
God bless Julia Loggins. Not only is she the sweetest and one of the most loving human beings that you'll ever meet, she's also brilliant, talented and understands how to help people recover their health. Your health is your most precious possession and Julia shows you what you need to do in order to optimize it.
Michael Galtzer, M.D.
Medical Director, American Health Institute
Julia Loggins is the embodiment of caring that you know HOW TO create and HAVE optimal health AND the inner and outer beauty that follows. She has the enlightenment, wisdom and experience to teach you in the stepwise fashion necessary to achieve this MOST CHERISHED goal. FOLLOW THE LEADER!
Julia T. Hunter, M.D.
Holistic Dermatologist
Julia's Happy Gut Makeover is a fabulous first step in saving your health and your sanity. Happiness, vitality and longevity are connected to brain chemistry, hormones, digestion and lifestyle. You can take charge of your own body - detoxify and nourish it - and avoid or heal the depression and fatigue that so many struggle with. Do this program. You CAN be happy and healthy again!
Hyla Cass, M.D. and Author
8 Weeks to Vibrant Health
No one can give you this health and happiness perspective better than Julia. What you eat absolutely affects your genes and how they respond! Whether you are battling a serious illness or just want to stay healthy...this program is a GREAT place to start!
Julie Taguchi, M.D.

On day one, you'll feel the
power of changing your life.

Your best years are ahead!

My Story

My health was once a "hopeless" situation.

Doctors told me I wouldn’t live past 17. When I did, they told me I could never have children…

I saved my own life, and I’ve helped thousands of people heal.

Who could imagine I would turn into that lucky mama on the right, holding the hands of her beautiful daughter?!

I was born “allergic to the twentieth century.” My body’s reactions to environmental pollutants, toxic foods, and household chemicals spawned life-threatening asthma by the time I was just five years old. At the age of ten, I was living with rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, bleeding ulcers, colitis, and diverticulitis. While on steroids for twelve years, I survived three near-death situations due to anaphylactic shock. My family had given up hope for me to survive beyond my teens.

If I can heal, so can you.

Detox, cleansing and confronting the demons — from foods to environmental substances to  the trauma that caused these illnesses was the journey…and the picture above, the arrival.

I found the keys out of hell.

But I didn’t discover this overnight.

I studied for ten years with the pioneers of the natural health movement and the icons in mind-body psychology. The first population of clients I had were seriously ill people who had lost all hope and willpower. I discovered that willpower has nothing to do with why we self-sabotage! I learned that simple steps taken IN THE RIGHT ORDER create healing that lasts forever!

In my 35 years of practice, I’ve helped thousands of people heal their digestion, shed the bloat and the brain fog, and have the kind of energy they thought only belonged to top-level athletes. 

And I was not going to kiss all that goodbye just because I hit menopause — and I don’t want you to, either. Flabby and crabby is NOT the new normal. 

This program will give you the tools to reverse the aging process and truly thrive, so that you can have the productive, passionate, pain-free life you deserve – with real and sustainable lifestyle changes that create huge shifts.

Another thing I’ve discovered is that even the best TOOLS and INFORMATION is not enough!! Personal support, accountability and community is what makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE and why this program is different than ANY OTHER PROGRAM OUT THERE.

That’s why the Mastering Menopause Makeover has live group weekly calls and a members-only Facebook group. It takes a village! If you’re ready to HEAL YOUR BODY AND HAVE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS, you will have an intimate community of like-minded women to help you achieve your goals!

First steps first. It’s hard to find purpose and passion when you feel like crap and can’t get out of bed.

No matter how you feel right now, you are SO important and so special! YOU have more wisdom, maturity and experience than you’ve ever had.

You may feel battle-weary and worn-out, but THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

I want you to do what you were put on earth to do…from playing with your grandchildren to traveling the world, to starting that heart-centered project…with more energy, focus and optimism than you’ve ever had!

Your time is now!

In the words of Mary Oliver,

“What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

– Julia

Get started… 
Master Menopause and Makeover Your Life

29-module online course
Weekly group coaching calls with Julia
E-mail support from Julia
3 cleansing supplements from Julia Loggins Collection
Course textbook ‘It Takes Guts to Be Happy’
pH strips
Biofeedback stress card
PLUS your special bonus of All-Day Energy protein powder!

Enroll TODAY and you'll also receive All-Day Energy protein powder
designed by Julia for sensitive systems -
in Vanilla or Chocolate!

Did you miss the bonus? That's ok...just email us at info@daretodetoxify.com to request your special gift when you join the Happy-Gut Makeover!

Are you ready to feel amazing?