Keys to Natural Fertility & Having a Baby of Your Own

natural fertility worked!

Natural fertility Worked. It’s Julia and Hana!

Natural Fertility and Mind-Body State

The subject of natural fertility is dear to my heart. Like many, I wanted a baby more than anything. However, I struggled with what doctors labeled as “infertility” for years. After the massive disappointment of three miscarriages I found the work of fertility pioneer, Niravi Payne, In 1992 at age 37, I immediately called her. “You will have your own baby! Let’s get on with it!” She shouted into the phone with certainty, enthusiasm, and pronouncement of the work I needed to do. She had the game plan. Ms. Payne pioneered the concept of the mind-body connection in fertility. Exploring this uncharted territory compelled her to help spurn conscious, healthy parents and babies. She shared this statistic, “One in three men and women between 25 and 45 in America struggle with infertility.” This was decades before these stats were validated by the World Health Organization as true.


Toxic Admonitions, Secret Stress, Acidic Body

Dr. Wigmore understood serious illness as an opportunity to transform lives. In the same way, Ms. Payne understood infertility as the demand to elevate consciousness before bringing in the next generation. We worked through her “mind-detox” program. I learned how to calm myself with bio-feedback. I previously thought of myself as a calm, happy person, but her bio-feedback monitor told a different story. The monitor uncovered the unconscious stress acidifying my body and mind. We identified hidden self-admonitions that kept me from carrying a child to term. Doctors had pronounced to me in my teens that I would never have a child. I also had promised myself I would never be anything like my mother who was what I most wanted to be — a mother. Is it possible for the mind to overpower the body through such declarations?

Niravi was rewriting the answer to the baby question as “Yes!” She had already helped 5,000 women have babies whose doctors had deemed infertile.  Her successes included women unsuccessful with in vitro fertilization! Niravi was not against science interceding on fertility’s behalf. Her passion was to assist people to dump toxic beliefs that sabotaged their dreams. Her work was meant for those wishing to have a child, seeking their dream career, or wanting to build a healthy body.

The Children of Your Dreamslukeandhana

After working with her for four months, I conceived Luke, now 22. Four and a half years later, Hana was born. When Hana was 3, I began to study with Ms. Payne to learn the work that she loved. Near the end of her life, when she was too ill to travel, I took her place at an international fertility conference in Hawaii to present her work. The conference focus was environmental toxicity and the overwhelming evidence of its contribution to infertility. Toxicity in mind or body, stops life in its tracks — whether in our lives, or the lives of children we are longing to have.

Preparing For A Conscious Pregnancy

Are you are struggling with infertility? Detoxifying in preparation for a healthy pregnancy? I invite you to join me for a one week cleanse in our Happy-Gut Makeover Course, Nov. 30-Dec. 6. We will explore toxic patterns that impede the life flowing through us. We will learn natural fertility basics and support each other in becoming our best selves. And we will experience a special angel cheering us on from above, Ms. Payne. Her life was dedicated to empowerment and courage. In her honor, we will do more than survive; we will thrive.

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