Stress Reduction Heals the Gut!

It Takes Guts to be Happy! Happy-Gut Makeover with Julia Loggins, Digestive Health Expert

Stress Reduction and the Healing Process

stress reduction means peace

Stress Reduction Equals a Peaceful  and Empowered Feeling

Today’s blog addresses the relationship between stress reduction, a healthy gut, and the healing process.

You may have wondered … why can some people eat anything and not get sick? Genetics of course, play a a small role. However, the number one  cause of gut dis-ease is stress related. Right up there with diet and exercise, stress reduction is the best thing we can do for health and happiness.

Don’t worry … the pat answer “Relax, be happy,”  is not what this blog is about. You have heard that one before; and I know if you could … you would. Our minds are conditioned to lean towards the familiar, and for many of us, that is fear, stress, and agitation. Let’s begin to change that right now!

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Stress Reduction and Fertility

My personal experience proves what a powerful role stress reduction can play in healing. After my third miscarriage, I found a therapist, Niravi Payne, who pioneered the understanding of the mind/body connection in fertility. After diagnosing my stress level at 10 on a scale of 1-10 (although friends and family thought of me as easy-going); she taught me some simple stress reduction techniques that I quickly mastered. In three months, I became pregnant with Luke, now 22. Having zero problems during my pregnancy, I was able to deliver a natural birth at home. Stress reduction techniques really do work!

Here are some proven tools to help you reduce stress in your mind and body, no matter what is going on. Technology has made these tools affordable, accessible and easy to use. Choose one and start today:

  1. HeartMath — Heatmath sensor technology takes a pulse reading from your earlobe and the Inner Balance Trainer app displays a breathing sequence for you to follow. It recently helped one of my clients get through a one-hour brain scan in a noisy MRI machine without sedation.
  2.  Journey to the Wild Divine — Is a biofeedback video game promoting stress management and overall wellness through the use of breathing, meditation, and relaxation exercises. It is fun! Anyone of any age can do it. It is entertaining and very effective.
  3.  Meridian Tapping Therapy (MTT-EFT) — A method of tapping on one’s head, chest, hands, and legs for a few minutes to promote relaxation and trauma release. Easy and fast to learn, it can be done anywhere, at anytime. See to learn how to tap. It is also called the Emotional Freedom Technique.

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