Give Yourself Some Green Lovin’

Loving Takes Energy

By Julia Loggins

green and red healthy foodLoving takes energy, even the love we give to ourselves. And a great way to love ourselves is to go green! Drink one ounce of wheatgrass a day; sip chlorophyll-rich green juices that you can make or buy at the health food store; toss a teaspoon of freeze-dried greens in water or your smoothie, and feel your body soak it up.

If you drink coffee or soda, exchange a cup a day for a green drink, until, over time, you let go of these drinks. This could save your life. Caffeine is a “must-go” for clients struggling with diseases like cancer, diabetes, and hormone imbalances. Do not wait for the sky to fall. Most of us have found the sky falling on at least one person we know and love. When someone we adore is confronted by chronic or catastrophic disease, we instantly ask the question, what can I do to prevent the same fate? One of the best ways is to go green!

Healing Miracles Sometimes Takes Time

In my years of studying at Hippocrates Health Institute, I saw miracles every day, with my own eyes. Luckily, I was one. I healed decades of life-threatening asthma and ulcers, colitis and allergies that most of my doctors told me I would never heal. It took time, a few cleansing crisis (that’s when you feel a little worse before you feel better, because all the toxins that went in have to come out). and about 1000 green drinks! I am not going to sugar coat it, healing doesn’t happen overnight, especially if you’ve been aching, spasm-ing and wheezing for years. But it does happen. And you ARE NOT ALONE. We are all in this together. I’d love to hear some of your stories, your questions and your hopes and fears.

2012 is the year of the leap of consciousness for all of us, so let’s use this energized time to ride the wave of healing. DON’T WASTE ANOTHER DAY FEELING CRAPPY and CRANKY! It takes being pro-active, but you will find help everywhere. In Santa Barbara, a wonderful company called ‘Ascending Health” and their Juicery makes organic, fresh-squeezed juices available for pick-up. If you are too busy to make juice, and still want fresh juice in your life, you have a fantastic opportunity. I wish they had been around 30 years ago when I was spending hours and hours juicing every day.

Make every day a Happy Valentine’s Day! Give yourself some green lovin’!

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