Try a Coffee Enema for Instant Pain Relief!

Coffee Enema—Eliminating the Fatigue & Cleansing for Energy

Do you know that a coffee enema is a world-class pain reliever and detoxifier? In this last, almost unbearable, three weeks, coffee enemas have been my saving grace. After surgery my body was flooded with anesthesia and pain medication. Drug sensitive, I needed a pain relief solution. Although nothing cleans the colon as thoroughly as a professional colonic, a coffee enema is free; and can be done in the privacy of your own home.

How to Do a Coffee Enema

I am often asked, “How exactly do you do a coffee enema?” Therefore, I want to dedicate this blog to the easy, step-by-step process that will quickly lift your mood, reduce inflammation, and rid your body of toxins. Colon cleansing is the gateway to liver detox. It is a most expedient way to flush medications or allergens, and reduce uncomfortable side effects. These poisons may be trapped in your cells for months and even years, destroying your immunity and frizzing your nervous system.

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Recipe Ingredients for a Coffee Enema!

You will need the following for your coffee enema:

  • Black roasted, or organic coffee or green, unroasted coffee
  • Enema bag or water bucket made for enemas; you can also buy a “colema board” — made for home use
  • Baby ear syringe (for electrolyte implant following your enema)
  • Towels for the floor or Blue Pads (like puppy pee pads) available at the drug store
  • Electrolytes and probiotics
  • Option: wheat grass for implant following your enema
  • Essential oils, such as roman chamomile, or Liquid Trace Minerals

In a pinch, you can use freshly-brewed organic coffee from a coffee maker for your enema, but it is not optimal as it is highly acidic. Acid is one of the things we are trying to reduce in our bodies. Dr. Max Gerson, founder of the famed Gerson Clinic and the father of coffee enemas, recommends using organic, green (unroasted), due to its low acid and high caffeine levels, boiled and strained. It is available online. You can also use regular, ground organic coffee, boiled for five to seven minutes (removes the acid), known as Cowboy Coffee. Whatever you choose, use about two heaping tablespoons of coffee per quart of water.

9 Steps How to Do a Coffee Enema for Pain Relief or Cleansing in your Home Spa

The first time you do a coffee enema, plan forty-five minutes to an hour of uninterrupted time so you do not feel rushed. After you have done a few, you will discover the whole process only takes about 30 minutes.

Step 1 of Making a Coffee EnemaPut a towel on the floor, and grab a pillow for your head. Turn on some music or listen to a book on tape. Get comfy; make sure the room is warm and cozy. Some people even light some aromatic candles.

Step 2 in Making a Coffee EnemaPour the strained, room temperature coffee into your enema bag or bucket. Use one to two quarts per bag.

Coffee enema checklist #3Tighten the clip on the hose so that the liquid doesn’t run out of the bag or bucket, and hang it 18-24 inches above you. You can hang it on the bathroom or shower door. Hang it three to four feet above your head! If too high, gravity will force the liquid into your body too quickly, which is painful and not good for your colon.

Step #4 of the Coffee Enema RecipeLie on your back, head on a pillow. Put coconut oil or non-petroleum jelly on the small tube that goes into your rectum–be generous! Gently insert tube, remembering to breathe. Unclip, and let the strained coffee flow into your colon.

Coffee Enema Colonic Step #5Massage your colon and take deep breaths, allowing the liquid to bag or bucket to slowly empty into your body. If possible, retain coffee solution for five-ten minutes. If you are caffeine sensitive, retain the coffee for just one to two minutes. You will still receive the benefits without suffering from post-coffee-enema jitters.

Step 6 of Coffee EnemaWhen you feel a cramp, get up and use the toilet, and let your body flush. It may take a few minutes for your colon to release, so be patient.

Step 7 of Coffee enema RecipeFlush your colon THREE times with pure, warm water, to which you may decide to add 1/4 teaspoon of trace minerals or a few drops of chamomile oil. These water flushes are VERY IMPORTANT! If you skip this step, your liver will not have an opportunity to completely dump, and you will retain too much caffeine in your system.

Coffee enema recipe Step 8You may choose to add two-four ounces of wheat grass to the water in your last bag. This is extremely nourishing for the nervous system, and alkalizing as well.

Coffee Enema for energy Step 9You did it! To complete, create an electrolyte implant of two-four ounces of water with one packet or tablet of a sugar-free electrolyte. Use your baby ear syringe to implant this mixture into your rectum.

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  1. Tom says:

    Hi Julia,
    I have been doing coffee/green tea/peppermint tea and chamomile tea enemas 30+ years for pain relief due to a fractured thigh bone, herniated discs and sciatica. I try to keep the coffee enemas to a minimum due to iron depletion if used over a long period of time. When i wake up in the morning i do a 2 to 4 quart salt water enema to clear out any food and toxins in my colon. Then i do the coffee enema. During the day i do my green tea and/or peppermint tea enemas when needed for pain relief. Before bedtime i take a salt water enema before taking the chamomile enema. That usually gets my pain level down so i can sleep. I also insert a coconut oil suppository before i go to sleep for nourishment do to the number of enemas i take to replenish what gets washed out.
    Julia please comment on this. I want to know what you think and if i can or should change my routine or just leave it the way it is. I hope you are not in any pain like the pain i am in. I know injury pain does not go away.

  2. Adding electrolytes to your diet daily will help replenish your body. Choose something without sugar. Chronic pain is so depleting and I am sorry you are dealing with this.

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