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It Takes Guts to be Happy! Mastering Menopause Makeover with Julia Loggins, Digestive Health Expert

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ByJulia Loggins

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Professional Colonics Give your Colon a Fresh Start

So you are ready to treat your gut to the wonderful luxury of a professional colonic! It is your lucky day. Really. Of course you might be nervous … most of my new clients are. I call them “colonic virgins.” But colonics are painless, effective ways to clean the five to twenty-five pounds of waste stored in your colon. Sound impossible? In It Takes Guts to Be Happy!, I recount the true story of Elvis Presley, who died with fifty pounds of waste in his gut.


Colonics have been done for thousands of years. The father of medicine, Hippocrates, prescribed enemas to treat a myriad of conditions. Water is a completely natural element to introduce into the colon, and a well-trained colon therapist uses small amounts of water to gently move the waste. It is your colon that’ is doing the work, not the machine! A good colonic is like taking your colon to the gym: it’s a workout, and after, your colon will work better; you’ll be more regular and you will have so much more energy. There’s a reason that colonics are celebrities’ best-kept beauty secret—they are safe and they work.


I remember giving a colonic to a gentleman in his fifties some years ago, a hard-working man with weather-worn hands. He said to me, “I can’t tell anyone I know that I come here, but why should just the Hollywood stars get to feel good?” He battled constipation, headaches, and gut problems for years. After a series of colonics, he was going to the bathroom every day and his headaches were gone. He is an example of why I do what I do!


Happy-Gut Reminder: Clean your colon and recharge your life.