It Takes Guts to be Happy! Mastering Menopause Makeover with Julia Loggins, Digestive Health Expert


Tender Loving Care for Your Belly

Gutting the Kitchen & Kitchen Organization

By Julia Loggins

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What Kind of Energy is in Your Kitchen?

Amazingly, the gut responds instantly to our surroundings. Before our brain can form the words, “Stressful!” our bellies instantly feel whether the environment is calm or confusing.  Think about it, how well do we respond with our bellies in a knot?  Therefore, since the kitchen is the heart of our home, our gut is especially sensitive to its energy.

Clean, organized kitchen makes for a happy and secure family

Clean, organized kitchen makes for a happy and secure family

Kitchen Organization for Health

As you walk in, do you see random, scattered papers? Spot dirty dishes in the sink? Are the counter spaces covered in junk mail, unpaid bills, and yesterday’s coffee mugs?

Although I appreciate a clean kitchen, it took me over five decades to dedicate to a daily decluttering routine. I am not perfect; I am a reformed slob. As a result, when writing It Takes Guts To Be Happy, I carefully chose recipes that are delicious and simple to make. While testing the recipes in my own kitchen, I was reminded how tiresome cooking a lovely dinner is if I must spend 15 minutes scrubbing pots and pans first. We are all overly busy people. However, try viewing your kitchen clean-up as a form of meditation, preparing your space to cook in, or time to catch up with loved ones. Changing your mindset about kitchen duties makes both the tax and your heart lighter.

Kitchen Organization and its Affects

Kitchen organization sample

Kitchen Organization helps to Upgrade Your Diet

Remember, take care of your gut both internally and externally. Nothing takes the “emotional temperature” in a room faster than your gut. If you love your belly, it will love you. Make your kitchen—and of course, the rest of your home and work-space—into an environment that supports and nurtures your gut wisdom.

Furthermore, in an effort to help organize your kitchen I feature extensive grocery lists in It Takes Guts To Be Happyavailable on Audible or paperback. I include gluten-free substitutions, an abundance of fresh produce as well as detailed nutritional information. The grocery lists align easily with energizing recipes based on food combining.

Happy-Gut Reminder: Ask an organizationally-gifted friend to spend some time helping you .