Fermented Foods for Gut Health

Little girl eating fermented foods

Fermented Foods Pave the Gut with Friendly Flora

The Fermentation Festival Comes To Town

The Fermentation Festival is held this Saturday in Santa Barbara. Be sure to attend and enjoy!

As a kid, I craved sauerkraut and dill pickles. Why? Little did I know these mouth-puckering treats were paving my gut with healthy flora and bacteria. And, did I ever need it! My easily infected asthmatic lungs were treated regularly with antibiotics. By regularly, I mean 6-12 times a year. This is common. My clients with gut issues and weak immune systems often will tell a similar story. Antibiotics, sometimes needed for healing, are commonly over-prescribed. They destroy the “bad bugs”; but the good ones, too. The side effects may include gas, bloating, allergies, constipation, yeast overgrowth (called “Candida”), and even depression. Fermented foods are a fun and sure way to restore bacterial balance in the gut.

Fermented Foods From Around The World

Not too long ago, if you asked for the “fermented food section” of a health food store, you were shown a tiny area. This may have included the common dill pickle, and kimchi, a spicy fermented vegetable dish from Asia. Today you will find a bountiful display of tasty fermented foods that fill an entire aisle. Be bold and experiment with probiotic-rich additions to salads and dishes. If your gut is sensitive, start with a tablespoon. It is good to try new foods in small amounts.

The Detoxifying & Healing Benefits of Fermented Foods

The fermented foods are rich in Vitamin K2 and B. K2 protects the heart and clears the arteries. The B vitamins optimize the immune system and also super-charge your energy. In addition, B vitamins offer a source of enzymes for digestion. Chelation is a super cleansing process that helps to eliminate heavy metals and toxins. The fermented foods are the natural chelators. I have seen the benefits of chelation to detoxify and cleanse. I prefer natural chelation to the drugs that “do the job,” but also put added stress on the body and the nervous system. Fermented foods have been a staple of the indigenous diet for thousands of years, worldwide. And our great-great grandparents also knew how to stay healthy.

Last but not least, I want to offer a big shout out to one of my favorite mother-daughter teams, Lynn Hartman and Katie Hershfelt, for creating the Fermentation Festival here, in Santa Barbara, CA. Thank you!


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