It Takes Guts to be Happy! Mastering Menopause Makeover with Julia Loggins, Digestive Health Expert


Tender Loving Care for Your Belly

Gratitude is the Most Healing State

By Julia Loggins

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Gratitude and Positive Thoughts

Just the way you have to blindfold a horse to lead him out of a burning building, sometimes we have to hogtie our minds and focus on what we have—not what we do not, in order to create what we want to experience.

In It Takes Guts to Be Happy! I talk about what a limbic system trauma can do to our brain and gut; it creates a perennial negative feedback loop that takes discipline and support to shift. The mind attaches more easily to negative thoughts than positive ones! I wrote The Happiness Meditation as a tool to help us experience and create happiness, safety, and peace in our day-to-day lives.

Why Write a Gratitude List?

Another tool that shifts our negative feedback loops is making a list of ten things for which we are grateful, morning and night, and speaking them out loud. This exercise is scientifically proven to shift brain chemistry. Try it! You can change your list every day if you wish. Prove to yourself how effective this exercise is by keeping your daily lists in a notebook, and in a month, look back to the first gratitude list you made. I bet your last list is a lot brighter and bolder than your first!

Happy-Gut Reminder: Speak what you are grateful for out loud. There is something about hearing our own voice that reminds us of the truth.

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