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Tender Loving Care for Your Belly

Kiss Cellulite Good-Bye

By Julia Loggins

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Apple dietCottage cheese-like fat deposits of cellulite easily expose certain unhealthy habits. Cellulite is not limited to body shape or size. In fact, the majority of women suffer from the collection of these skin dimples. High body fat levels, minimal exercise, hormone imbalances, poor digestion, and a nutritionally-incomplete diet are the main culprits of cellulite. The good news is you can ditch the overpriced creams for natural remedies below.

Dry Brushing: Lymphatic System & Cellulite

Cellulite is simply toxic fat and the symptom of a congested lymphatic system. Dry brushing is an easy, yet effective therapy that stimulates your lymphatic system by opening your pores. I recommend dry brushing once or twice daily. Brush towards your heart, in long, sweeping motions. Stick to one direction, otherwise proceed in circular motions throughout your body. I begin at my feet, then brush up my legs, before scrubbing from my arms to my chest. Brush your stomach counterclockwise—stimulating digestion.

Keep in mind, dry brushing should always be done, as the name suggests, dry. Dry brushes are not water-proof. However, apply pressure according to your skin sensitivity—your skin should not be irritated. I recommend vegetable-derived, natural bristles with long handles. For further information, my book, It Takes Guts to Be Happy! includes a detailed description of how to dry brush your skin.

Heal Your Gut to Reduce Cellulite

If you want to speed up your results, visit a professional lymphatic therapist and have a series of treatments. You will be amazed by what this subtle technique will do for you! Unlike the circulatory system which is pumped by the heart, the lymphatic system doesn’t move, except through the manual manipulation or bouncing on a rebounder or trampoline. That’s why dry skin brushing and lymphatic therapy is so critical to our health and well-being … as well as our beauty. Some lymphatic therapists specialize in facial rejuvenation and are .so skilled that they help reduce fine lines and puffiness, completely naturally.

Once you get your lymph moving, and clean your colon, your cellulite may very well disappear.

Happy-Gut Reminder: Get your lymph moving.