Holiday Clean-Up!

The Perfect Time to Cleanse

By Julia Loggins

Glass with splashes of liquid overflowing the edgesIt may be hard to imagine that the holidays can actually be times to clean up your diet! Why wait till Jan. 2, after five pounds have hit your thighs, and your stomach is bulging with gas? It is  so empowering to take care of our bodies and mental health during one of the most emotionally challenging times of the year. The holiday season can drastically shift all of our interactions, especially with family members. Do you notice that when you’re “home for the holidays,” patterns of behavior pop up that you haven’t seen in yourself since you were 17? It can be so frustrating! After that, communication with our mates and our kids goes downhill, and often after that, something gooey and gluey and fatty unconsciously goes into our mouths!

Create Radical Health & Wild Happiness

What if you were to make a decision to do something totally different, totally new? Change your diet and your food choices NOW, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, before New Years! Celebrate 2012 already aligned with the absolute purest, fiercest intentions that you are already following through on! Every other commitment you make — to your exercise program, your career, your dreams, your relationships — is dependent on having the clarity of thought and energy to follow through! Unstoppable energy!

Swear off Refined Sugars

It’s simple, but it’s not always easy, to say no, thank you! to sugar, white flour, processed foods and fried foods. Eat a high protein breakfast (which might be a smoothie, if solid food doesn’t appeal to you) and don’t leave home without a clean snack in your bag!

And, let’s talk about creating some new holiday rituals. What makes you feel loved, comforted and cherished over the holidays? What about giving yourself the gift of vibrant health?

Hot tea and fresh popcorn, watching an old Christmas movie; a hike in the woods with your best friend; a long phone call with someone you’ve missed; the holidays are all about feeling gratitude.

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