Balance Blood Sugar & Lose Weight With Protein Smoothies!

Make a smoothie to balance blood sugar

Smoothies are a Quick Fix for Low Blood Sugar

The Blood Sugar Roller Coaster

Protein smoothies entered my life 25 years ago, and changed me forever. They allowed me to stabilize my blood sugar, anytime and anywhere. When I drank my first protein smoothie and felt the shakiness and brain fog of a blood sugar crash suddenly disappear, I felt free. The blood sugar monster had been tamed! My body was both energized and peaceful–a wonderful new experience.

Genetics Do Not Define You

My dad suffered with diabetes, and I knew blood sugar issues ran in my family. They ran my life for a long time.  When I was a kid, everyone thought my mood swings and sudden shifts of energy and inability to focus was my personality. It was not. I was at the mercy of my blood sugar.  True enough, some people like myself, are born with a susceptibility to blood sugar problems. But anyone can have a blood sugar crash. Have you ever experienced one?

Low blood sugar symptoms are:

Mood swings: tears, lack of focus, crankiness, anger, lack of patience

Foggy-headed thinking

Sweating & dizziness

Starving! Capable of eating anything in sight

When the crash is in full swing: loss of appetite

What causes low blood sugar? Stress and poor digestion top the list. If we can’t assimilate our food, then it cannot nourish and sustain us. Genetics play a part, but they do always determine our destiny.

My favorite and most effective protein smoothie is the same as I drank 25 years ago: 2 scoops of Metagenics Ultra Clear in water, occasionally with ice. This magic elixir is often my breakfast, to which I add vitamins and supplements, (sans gelatin capsule covers.) If I work late, I drink a shake before I go to bed. My children transitioned from breast milk to Ultra Clear when they were babies, and enjoy the benefits of this mind-and-body-stabilizing formula to this day.

I travel with dry Ultra Clear in a shaker bottle, and I just add water. Because of this, I am never without nutrient-dense, protein-rich food. Therefore, it is easy to resist the siren call of junk food, carbohydrates, and sugar. When we are shaky and weak from low blood sugar, we are prone to shove just about anything into our mouths. Will power alone will not work. Strategy will.

Cleansing The Liver & Balancing The Adrenals

Many great protein powders are now available at your health food store. Look for a protein powder sugar, dairy and gluten-free. Stevia is replacing sugar and fructose in many brands of protein powder. Hooray! Protein ingredients of choice are: rice, hemp and pea. Egg protein is fine if you are not allergic to eggs. However, avoid soy, as most soy is genetically modified, and not healthy.

Protein smoothies made with these powders allow the liver to cleanse and balance the adrenals. These instantly digestible sources of fuel serve us even in times of stress, because they take so little work for our bodies to break down and absorb. Absorption is the key to vitality, energy and endurance–and weight loss! Protein smoothies are excellent and safe meal replacements, because they contain the amino acids that brains and muscles need to perform at optimal levels.

Delicious & Fun Fuel-In-A-Glass

Check out more smoothie recipes in the free 21 Days of Happy-Gut Tips! Here is a recipe for a protein smoothie that is delicious for breakfast, dinner or a midnight snack:

Mom’s Milkshake

2 scoops protein powder of choice

2 cups water or rice milk

1 frozen banana

1 handful strawberries, raspberries or blueberries

Blend and Enjoy!


If you are experiencing blood sugar crashes not responding to the simple tactics for healing digestion that I describe in my book, It Takes Guts To Be Happy! please see a doctor or gut health specialist.


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