Need a Great Dentist? Got One!

Health care is also dental care

Health of Your Teeth is Related to Your Overall HealthT

Your Teeth Need TLC too

By Julia Loggins

Detoxification isn’t just about cleaning our colons and chugging green juices….it’s about taking the best care of ourselves we can, in every way. Including our teeth!  Those precious chompers that we take for granted in our 20′s, need extra TLC in our 40′s and 50′s and beyond, as do the gums that hold them in. And, if we have tested high in heavy metals (this can be done in a blood test), then it’s a priority to get the amalgams out of our mouth, if we have any! We only get one set of teeth, and if you know anyone with dentures…it’s not fun. But finding a conscious, progressive and state-of-the-art dentist who won’t fill your body or mouth with chemicals is not easy.

Whatever it Takes for Health, Wellness, & Happiness

I found an incredible dentist that I want to tell you all about her: Dr. Tania Baker of Calabasas Smile, Calabasas, CA (phone: 818-880-5520.) My sister connected me to Dr. Baker years ago, when my teeth were literally falling out of my gums. Through her stealth periodontal care, use of lasers, gentle prodding (“Use that water pick and floss, floss, floss!”) and Chinese herbal mouthwash, I have come a long way. And I have at least a dozen very happy clients whom Dr. Baker has treated, and saved from unnecessary surgeries and root canals. When they ask me where my dentist is, and find out that I drive all the way from Santa Barbara to Calabasas to see her (over an hour), they can’t believe it, until they visit her … then they’re hooked!

The health care professionals we have in our life can either contribute greatly to our vitality and detoxification, or diminish it by their own lack of awareness or education; or by their loyalty to out-dated institutions or protocols. I am so grateful to the brave souls who have taken a risk in their profession by enlarging their perspectives and their tool kits, and bridge the gap between alternative and traditional care. Thank you, Dr. Tania Baker, for doing your magic on my mouth this week, which prompted me wanting the whole world to know about you! Hope I can still get an appointment.

Body acidity affects your gums and teeth. Digestive health directly relates to the health of the mouth.

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