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Protein Power for a Strong Immune System

Masks are Not the Solution—Build Gut Health!

Mask safety is a myth. The data shows that wearing masks minimally protects against mutating viruses and bacteria. Even so, I follow mandatory restrictions, wear a mask in public, and avoid crowds. Yet, to attain true health, one must build immune resilience through relentless attention to the gut. Immunity Starts […] Read more »

Negative Diagnosis—Most Dangerous Pill of All

Diagnosis Unknown: “I’m not sure, but Could this be the Bubonic Plague?” My daughter, Hana, came down with a severe sore throat this week. Her lymph glands were swollen and her head hurt. Since her brother, Luke, experienced the same symptoms recently which brought a strep throat diagnosis, we headed […] Read more »

The Legacy of Dr. Henry Han

Dr. Henry Han–A Bridge Between Two Worlds For nearly three years, I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Henry Han in his clinic in Santa Barbara. With his training in both eastern and western medicine, open mind and innovative spirit, his treatments were unlike any others. He truly believed healing was […] Read more »

Holiday Gift Ideas for Health & Happiness

Health and Wellness with a Ribbon & a Bow! Wondering what to give your health-nut friend for Christmas? What might be a great gift for your dad with a nagging back ache who loves gadgets? Check out my top ten health and wellness gift ideas! These health and wellness gifts make staying healthy easy. Who doesn’t […] Read more »

The Secrets to a Truly Happy Thanksgiving

What Makes a Happy Thanksgiving? How can you create a happy Thanksgiving? No one wants to feel crummy on Thanksgiving. But it happens all too often. Between the stress of family dynamics, travel, and a multitude of food dishes, it is not uncommon to experience fatigue and flatulence by the […] Read more »

Friendship and Health Go Hand in Hand

What Does Love Got to Do with it? Surprize–Friendship and Health Go Hand in Hand! I have shared a dozen keys to health and vitality–juice fasting, food combining, and digestive enzymes, to name a few. But do you know what one main factor sustains enduring well being in both physical and […] Read more »

Healthy Choices, Healthy Living, Part 2

Healthy Choices Equals Healthy Living Last week I introduced four tips for making healthy choices for healthy living–snacking on protein, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and making a Lifeline List. Utilizing even one of these tools will rescue you in times of stress, but doing them all is like a “get-out-of-jail-free” […] Read more »

Healthy Choices: I Know What To Do, I Just Can’t Do It!

Healthy Choices Made Easy By Julia Loggins If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.  “How can I start to make healthy choices and how can I stop sabotaging myself?” is a question I hear every day. I will leave the question of why we undermine ourselves to the therapists to answer. Each […] Read more »