Karate for Virus Control: Strong Immune System

Karate for Viruses: Coronavirus Immune System Protection

What a wild ride this is with the Coronavirus! With the many twists and turns, and ups and downs you may feel out of control. How can we control the outcome? The most powerful situation we can control is the vitality of the immune system. First, practice deep breathing, and create a connection with Source to build faith. The world as we know it is changing into a new one which is forming right before our eyes. When Mother Nature goes on a cleanse, She can be relentless. Yet, a world-wide cleansing could usher in some unexpected positive results.

It Takes Guts to be Happy, Healthy, and Strong!

Meanwhile, this is what I am doing bolster immunity for myself and my family:

Step 1 for a Strong Immune System: Cleansing

CLEANSING. Start an at-home cleanse, with pure water, fresh or freeze-dried greens, and coffee enemas. Try dry skin brushing, jumping on a trampoline or rebounder, or even jump roping. You will feel exhilarated and forget about being stressed after 10 minutes or so of jumping.

Step 2 for a Strong Immune System: Supplementation

SUPPLEMENTATION. All Day Energy and Protein Power offer vegan, digestible protein, and neutralize sugar and carb cravings. Enemies of the immune system, sugar and carbs can become a feeding ground for viruses.

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Step 3 for a Strong Immune System: Enzyme Energy

ENZYME ENERGY. We take Enzyme Energy with each meal so that food digests completely. This way, food transforms to energy and does not sit like a rock in the belly—due to the ups and downs of this challenging Coronavirus moment.

Step 4 for a Strong Immune System: Probio Energy

PROBIO ENERGY. Try taking Probio Energy as probiotics are proven to protect the immune system.

Step 5 for a Strong Immune System: Xymogen Supplements

XYMOGEN. This company produces my favorite immune-boosting supplements. Initially, XYMOGEN was only available through a doctor, but now you can order directly online.

The products listed below are specially formulated to protect your lungs and immune system. Once you click on the link above, you will be guided to a webpage where you are asked to verify Julia Loggins as your practitioner and to enter your email address. 

XYMOGEN Immune Support Formulas

Immune Essentials and ImmunotiX 500™ contain beta-glucan. This fiber is shown to protect the lungs from a cytokine storm⁠—a potentially dangerous symptom of COVID-19. I have stocked up on these products myself, and I am happy to make them available to you.

Some of these products may be unavailable which is why I am displaying a complete list of supplements that will support immune health. If one supplement is not available, you can find another with similar ingredients.

Build a Powerful Immune System With Julia Loggins

A Powerful Immune System is the Strongest Mask

I am available to all of you during this time! Please feel free to schedule a consultation with me.

Stay safe and healthy! I trust your immune system is strong and will support you through this virus. We can do it! As one of my favorite authors, Glennon Doyle (Untamed), once said, “We can do hard things.”

I love you all. Please do not hesitate to reach out for support.

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