A New Relationship with Food

A New Relationship with Cravings in 2021

Would you like a new relationship with food in 2021? Are there specific foods you would like to “break up” with? Rather than reinforcing the often-demoralizing experience of New Year’s resolutions, I will share a method to bulletproof your health plan. Add Food Before Subtracting for Food Cravings If you […] Read more »

It Takes Guts to Get Through the Holidays

For millions of Americans, holidays are accompanied by acute digestive discomfort. Whether from over-indulgence in food and drink, or stress, bloating, gas or cramps can turn a nice day into an upsetting one. However, I would like to help you improve that. Try these suggestions to protect digestion and overall […] Read more »

Food Alternatives for a Stomach Ache by Julia Loggins

Stomach Ache Relief Through the Gut

“Help, I have a stomach ache!” This may be a common plea for you. Naturally, stomach aches are never fun nor convenient. 5 Tips to Treat Stomach Aches Explore a few suggestions I gathered to ease stomach pain: Chamomile, peppermint, or ginger tea are terrific anti-inflammatories that can ease discomfort […] Read more »

Protein Power for a Strong Immune System

Masks are Not the Solution—Build Gut Health!

Mask safety is a myth. The data shows that wearing masks minimally protects against mutating viruses and bacteria. Even so, I follow mandatory restrictions, wear a mask in public, and avoid crowds. Yet, to attain true health, one must build immune resilience through relentless attention to the gut. Immunity Starts […] Read more »

Summer Fun with Julia’s Healthy Zucchini

What to Do with Too Much Zucchini Right now, many of us are looking for ways to enjoy the extra time at home. Creating fun and flavor from the garden to the kitchen with children and teens is a wonderful opportunity to make memories. One of the easiest vegetables to […] Read more »

How to Ditch Stress & Reclaim Peace No Matter What

How to Ditch Stress & Reclaim Peace No Matter What

Does Change Always Need to be Stressful? Are you resisting change and struggling to feel grateful in the current disorderly world? Our world has never been more out of control. Is your sense of well-being wearing thin from stress? Many are struggling to keep their spirits high while taking care […] Read more »

Dick Gregory: Health is a Revolutionary Act

In 1980, Dick Gregory’s Harvard speech changed my life. Gregory was a brilliant comedian, civil rights advocate, and organic food pioneer. “Being healthy is a revolutionary act,” he said. “Changing the world begins with healing your body, and freeing yourself from any substance that alters your mind: sugar, drugs, alcohol, […] Read more »