Eat Organic Food

Eat Organic, Locally Grown with No Poison in Our Food

By Julia Loggins

better health road sign illustration designEating organic is one of the best investments in our health, because poisons, pesticides, and sprays on non-organic foods are not easily eliminated from our bodies. We do not poop them out or pee them out, and our bodies do not recognize them as foods, and therefore, they are toxic. At best, they steal digestive energy and our mental clarity. At worst, they give us cancer, birth defects, infertility, and a long line of serious illnesses costing us our lives and our bank accounts.

In my book, “DARE TO DETOXIFY,” I share information from the World Health Organization about the staggering amount of chemicals added to our air and soil. If you’ve seen “FOOD, INC” you know what I mean. If you haven’t, please rent it. It’s one of the most eye opening experiences you’ll have.

Basically, our bodies are built only to assimilate the foods that were here on this earth when our ancestors were hunting wild bison and picking berries. It’s a myth that our lymph systems and our nervous systems can recognize and dump the toxic chemicals that are being sold as “food” in the modern supermarket. So, not only is it important to eat organic, it’s best if we eat foods that are locally grown. For an incredible and scientific explanation of why locally grown is so important, see the movie, “THRIVE”.

Be Aware of the Organic Food Bandwagon

I knew organic food had become a formidable selling point when I heard a national supermarket chain advertise their organic fruit and vegetable section on the radio. And yes, there are chains like Whole Foods that do their best to market trustworthy organics. But many big supermarket chains are just jumping on the bandwagon, and their organic brands are suspect. To know what you’re buying, where it comes from and what’s been done, or not done, to that food since it was picked or packaged, locally grown is the way to go.

Not only does buying locally grown produce, eggs, and even animal products support our local farmers and ranchers, it allows us to control the marketplace. We can make a difference, and we can cast our votes, every time we make a food purchase, about what matters. And what matters more than the food we’re eating?

Farmer’s markets are the place to be, and nearly every town has more than one a week. Here in Santa Barbara, every single day of the week, somewhere in this town, is a farmer’s market. See you there!

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