Key to Joyful, Youthful Energy

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Finding the Energy that You Enjoyed When You Were a Kid

Reducing Inflammation the Key to Maximum Energy

By Julia Loggins

Reducing inflammation is key to finding the joyful energy we crave, the kind as kids, we took for granted. In 2011 the AMA pronounced inflammation to be the source of illness and disease, and we would add toxicity to that, too. The lymph system is often neglected and misunderstood. Lymph glands. which run throughout the body. are more passive than the cardiovascular system. Picture liquid flowing through the body like a waterfall, thin and mobile, not thick and sluggish. When the lymph is not circulating freely, inflammation results, metabolism crashes, and what we eat turns to fat.

What is Cellulite?

What is that cottage cheese on our thighs we call cellulite?  It’s a condition of a toxic and overburdened lymph. (And it responds wonderfully to lymphatic drainage therapy). And a congested lymph system throws our hormones, thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, etc. out of whack. I’ve had clients who were on multiple hormone medications, able to flush those medications down the toilet, or reduce the amount they needed, when they cleaned their colons and lymph system. Why medicate symptoms we can eliminate or lessen by cleansing?

Here in Santa Barbara, Allen and Anita Mills’ Center for Lymphatic Health has provided lymphatic drainage therapy and education to thousands of clients. I urge all of my clients to consider lymphatic therapy for the ultimate in detoxification. Partnered with colon cleansing and colonics, it really is a way to a whole “new you.” I share my own personal experience with lymphatic therapy and my work with Allen in my book, “Dare to Detoxify”.

Rebounding for Lymphatic Health

In your own home, jump your way to health on a rebounder. Rebounding, which is done on a mini trampoline, is a fun and easy way to pump your lymph system. Your feet don’t even have to leave the ground; you can gently bounce for 5 to 10 minutes a day and still achieve results. I dare anyone who’s in a bad mood to rebound for 15 minutes and step off still cranky. That’s because when we move our lymph, our nervous system is stimulated to dump the acidity that causes anxiety and depression. You can’t help but see the world differently.

Another excellent technique you can do in your own home is dry skin brushing. Bring that beautiful glow to your skin, from head to toe, with a brush made especially for smoothly massaging the lymph. All these tools reduce inflammation, shift your mood and give you joyful energy.

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