Wheatgrass for Unstoppable Energy!

An Ounce of Wheatgrass a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

By Julia Loggins

Wheatgrass juiceDo you crave unstoppable energy? Want to speed up a sluggish metabolism and do something THAT WORKS to dump that extra weight, the brain fog and the bloated tummy. One ounce of wheatgrass a day keeps the “slow, draggy afternoons” away.

When I started studying detoxification 35 years ago, the only place one could find the energy wonder drink, wheatgrass juice, was if you squeezed it yourself! Or happened to be living at or near Hippocrates Health Institute, which was in Boston, Mass. at the time…near the brilliant savant who brought wheatgrass to American Dr. Ann Wigmore. Now, we can find it at our local juice bar, nearly everywhere in America. Our time has come.

So, when you cruise up to a juice bar to grab a smoothie, have you been wondering what the very green, sweet-smelling stuff is, that’s sold in one ounce cups?
Have you wanted to try it? Go for it. On an empty stomach, please. You’re about to discover the secret energy elixir that the regeneration and anti-aging community has known about for years. This anti-oxidant nectar can turbo charge your day like nothing else….Fantastic for travelers looking for optimal nutrition.

Molecularly Similar to Human Blood

Wheatgrass juice is just one atom different from blood, so it’s almost like having an instant blood transfusion. It not only detoxifies your liver, kidneys and lymph, but digests effortlessly in your stomach, and shoots vitamins, minerals and amino acids into your bloodstream almost instantly. Use it for a morning “wake-up,” an afternoon “pick-me-up,” or a late night refresher…pure nutrition. Like all drinks high in chlorophyll, it has very few calories. Is weight loss your goal? If there is one “food” to recommend for anyone determined to lose weight and keep it off, it’s high chlorophyll green drinks and wheatgrass juice is at the top of the list.

Wheatgrass juice has been used by thousands of people to assist in their bodies’ healing of chronic, acute and catastrophic disease. In my book, “DARE TO DETOXIFY”. I share my experience healing my own life threatening conditions with a program that included wheatgrass juice and the stories of my clients who’ve discovered the high voltage energy and mental clarity that a “shot” of wheatgrass gives.

Be brave. The next time you’re feeling cranky, achey, foggy or bloated, jump into your nearest smoothie or juice bar and ask for a shot of wheatgrass juice! Remember, swallow it on an empty stomach; one hour before a meal, or two hours after. You can chase it with a squeeze of orange or a few sips of vegetable juice. It’s especially valuable if you’re fighting a cold, or would just like to bolster your immune system so you don’t catch every winter virus that comes along. If your body is very toxic, start with half a shot, and work your way up to a shotm or two.

Wheatgrass juice is a secret no more. I dare you to try it! You will love the unstoppable energy.

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