My Health & Wellness Team!

Patient with thumbs up and a group of doctors at the backgroundMy Health & Wellness Team Promotes Well-Being

Holistic Medicine at its Finest

Last week I proudly introduced the team members that make my practice complete—Allen and Anita Mills of the Center for Lymphatic Health, Dr. Henry Han, Dr. Michael Galitzer and Dr. Julia T. Hunter.

I am honored to present four more professionals, all of whom are known by their open hearts and brilliant minds:

Dr. Jim Blechman, M.D., Santa Monica, California

ER doc-turned holistic-medicine-wizard, Dr. Blechman is a family practice specialist treating second-generation patients. He is also a homeopath and licensed acupuncturist. Whether  helping his patients heal trauma or identifying the cause of their dis-ease, Dr. Blechman offers a wellspring of knowledge and support. When I was pregnant with my son 23 years ago, and met Dr. Blechman, I understood why Santa Barbara patients make the two-hour drive to his office.

Chalk drawing - TEAM: innovative ,effective,creative,communocative Holistic Medical Team Essential for Healing

Dr. David Cumes, M.D., Santa Barbara, California

A native of South Africa, Dr. Cumes is an esteemed kidney surgeon and urologist. His study of shamanism twelve years ago culminated with his initiation as a “sangoma,” which means “teacher.” Dr. Cumes’ local lectures on dreams, neuroscience, and healing attract standing-room-only crowds. Because he is well-respected in the community, Dr. Cumes serves as a bridge between conventional and unconventional medicine.

Dr. Alice Nelson, D.C. & Dr. Linda Whitman, D.C., Santa Barbara, California

Dr. Alice studied forty years ago with Richard Van Rumpt, the man who developed non-force chiropractic. Five decades of treating patients has not slowed her down. She is joined in practice by her capable daughter, Dr. Linda. This dynamic duo healed my back spasm in three visits after a bad fall on cement, and do the same for many who crawl in pain to their door.

Natural Healing in Paradise

Always looking for the next team member, I am blessed by the alternative medical community in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Excited to relay their latest healing miracles, my clients have connected me to  phenomenal practitioners. I am delighted to share these special connections  with  you.


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