Negative Diagnosis—Most Dangerous Pill of All

Diagnosis Unknown: “I’m not sure, but Could this be the Bubonic Plague?” My daughter, Hana, came down with a severe sore throat this week. Her lymph glands were swollen and her head hurt. Since her brother, Luke, experienced the same symptoms recently which brought a strep throat diagnosis, we headed […] Read more »

How to Heal Bladder or Yeast Infections Naturally

Six Natural Ways to Heal Bladder or Yeast Infections! Yeast infections and bladder infections. No one wants to talk about them. Once they become infected with one, it becomes a primary topic of conversation. Anyone who has experienced these, know they are painful, inconvenient, and distracting. Left untreated, bladder infections can lead […] Read more »

Post-Surgery Natural Pain Relief that Works!

The Natural Pain Relief Blog I Hope You Never Need I hope you never need the natural pain relief tools you are about to discover. I did not know how desperately I would need them until this month! Since personal experience is usually how I acquire and test information, I […] Read more »

The Legacy of Dr. Henry Han

Dr. Henry Han–A Bridge Between Two Worlds For nearly three years, I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Henry Han in his clinic in Santa Barbara. With his training in both eastern and western medicine, open mind and innovative spirit, his treatments were unlike any others. He truly believed healing was […] Read more »

When Do You Call The Doctor?

Calling the Doctor–Helpful or Harmful? By Julia Loggins Seems like a simple question, right? Our parents or grandparents might answer, “When I feel crummy for two days in a row.” However, we know that a quick fix can lead to unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions, steroids, and pain killers that don’t touch […] Read more »

My Health & Wellness Team!

My Health & Wellness Team Promotes Well-Being Holistic Medicine at its Finest Last week I proudly introduced the team members that make my practice complete—Allen and Anita Mills of the Center for Lymphatic Health, Dr. Henry Han, Dr. Michael Galitzer and Dr. Julia T. Hunter. I am honored to present four […] Read more »

Meet My Health and Wellness Team!

From Lymphatic Health to Wrinkle-Free Skin By Julia Loggins Healing and facilitating the healing process is a team sport. Yes, I have studied with phenomenal teachers who were beyond eccentric, didn’t play well with others and were channeling their own unique genius. I owe them a lot. However, my golden […] Read more »