It Takes Guts to Get Through the Holidays

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For millions of Americans, holidays are accompanied by acute digestive discomfort. Whether from over-indulgence in food and drink, or stress, bloating, gas or cramps can turn a nice day into an upsetting one.

However, I would like to help you improve that. Try these suggestions to protect digestion and overall health throughout the season.

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7 Ideas to Improve Digestion & Health

1. Say, “No, thank you!” If experience food sensitivities, you will pay with digestive distress for any earlier food indulgences. Today, society caters to diverse diets, food sensitivities, and personal choices. Always inform your host of your needs. The holidays are not for suffering!

2. Stay hydrated. Drink at least eight glasses of pure water daily. Dehydration is the number one threat to health and energy. Plus, dehydration is drying for the skin and intestines.

3. Eat before you leave home. If you are hungry when out, you can easily fall into a fast-food trap. Yet, this misstep is easily avoided by eating before you leave home. Low blood sugar enables unhealthy choices, for both adults and children. Pack fresh fruit and high-protein snacks, such as ALL DAY ENERGY and PROTEIN POWER smoothies.

4. Use the 80/20 plan. Stick to a nutrient-dense diet 80% of the time, and enjoy festive foods 20% of the time. Since you do not deprive yourself, you keep binge eating at bay. This balanced lifestyle will protect your gut and waistline.

5. Digestive enzymes. These will save the day! ENZYME ENERGY acidifies your stomach to promote nutrient absorption. Undigested food causes pain, fatigue, and even nausea, which leads to allergies and inflammation over time.

6. Liquid nutrition. I recommend consuming only vegetable broth, herbal tea, ALL DAY ENERGY, and PROTEIN POWER drinks for one day as a mini-fast. This is a game-changing experience. A break from solid food is transformational! Include immune-protective probiotics. PROBIO ENERGY is practical since refrigeration is not necessary.

7. HAPPY GUT CLEANSE. This gentle enough for children, yet effective product regulates the bowels and cleanses the liver. This is my best-selling product for a reason—it works! Avoid laxatives; they cause dependency and irritate the colon.

Gut Health Expert Advice

Please reach out with any thoughts, comments, or questions! As a colon therapist and gut health expert for 35+ years, I have heard the worst. No question is off-limits!

This has been a challenging year for many. My JULIA20 discount code will continue through January so that you can get the products you need. I send you all my love and warm virtual hugs for a safe, healthy, and happy holiday!

Julia Loggins, Author & Digestive Health Consultant

Julia Loggins,
Author & Digestive Health Consultant,
Santa Barbara, California

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