Light Therapy: How I Came into the Light!

Light therapy in Santa Barbara with Julia LogginsLight Therapy is Nature’s Gift for Healing

Have you struggled with a muffin top? Enter light therapy.

Does your cellulite drive you crazy, even though you exercise? Enter light therapy.

Is your inflammation causing you pain and frustration? Enter light therapy.

We invite you to experience the Contour Light–a low level diffuse LED that penetrates cells to stimulate mitochondria for healing at a cellular level. I am proud to announce my new partnership with Jocelyn Archer, RN, the founder of Santa Barbara Light Therapy, ( When I discovered light therapy benefits, especially when combined with detoxification and good nutrition, I wanted to offer it to my clients. Consequently, we are now offering treatments, and seeing thrilling results.

Benefits of Light Therapy

  1. Reduction of Inflammation: 2-6 inches per treatment.
  2. Emulsification of fat cells and fat cells hold toxins.
  3. Collagen production, which means plumped-up skin.
  4. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
  5. Reduces cellulite.
  6. Elevates mood and stimulates the brain.

The Contour Light is Safe & Non-Invasive!

The Contour Light creates adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, which translates into bioavailable energy. This science is called “photobiomodulation.” Indeed, this extraordinary light is milder and safer than lasers, and cannot burn or damage the skin. However, that does not mean it is not as effective! Studies show that the 660 nanometers of LED light can produce effects beyond lasers, to benefit every level of the mind and body.

Are The Results of Light Therapy Sustainable?

We have found that those who practice clean eating, reduce alcohol and sugar intake and combine with exercise enjoy lasting results. Therefore, if you feel your present approach could use a turbo-charged boost, try our $60 introductory session. While this light’s rejuvinating properties for skin and cellulite will make you smile, you may also feel happier and calmer after your session. Notably, this is because the light gently stimulates the adrenals, which facilitates pain relief and resilience to stress.


Combine the Light with my signature detoxification plan, colon cleansing and lymphatic drainage and soar into the holidays like you are walking on Sunshine! Register for my fall cleanse online or call me directly at 805-453-0364.     Happy-Gut Makeover | 6-week Cleanse

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