Water, Water, Hot and Cold!


Use Water as a Healing Medicine

By Julia Loggins

Feels good standing in that steamy shower in the morning, right? For a rush that’s better than coffee, before you step out and grab your towel, turn the water to cold and count to 10. Now your lymph is stimulated, your circulation is pumping and your pores are purged and tightened. It is a great way to start the day.

Water is our best medicine, and most of us just do not get enough. You may know that the body needs at least two quarts of water a day to stay hydrated.  (Dehydration, by the way, is one of the main causes of constipation.) But there are other ways to use water as medicine, besides sipping it throughout the day. A few ounces every hour is better than a couple of huge chugs in the afternoon, after you have remembered you haven’t touched that water bottle all day.  And, slice up some lemons and add that, which will alkaline and cleanse your kidneys and liver. Even better, blend an entire organic lemon— ind and all—strain, and add that to your water jug. Nothing is more alkalizing than a whole lemon! Squeeze in a few drops of stevia for a natural lemonade. Many of my clients prefer that to drinking unflavored water all day.

Water as Healing Medicine

Salt baths are another great way to use water as medicine.  Add a half pound of sea salt and a quarter cup of baking soda to a hot bath, and soak for half an hour. Put on some nice music, or grab your favorite book (that you never get to read because life is so busy!)  Baking soda has been known to counteract the effects of radiation, and all of us are exposed to radiation, no matter where we live.  Salt will pull toxins right out of your skin, and remember, our skin is our largest organ. Even better than just dumping the salt and soda into the tub is scooping a little into your hand and scrubbing your body all over, feeling how smooth and silky your skin can get. Spas charge up to two hundred dollars for professional salt scrubs! We can turn our bathrooms into mini-spas and spoil ourselves for just a few dollars.  I buy my salt in big bags at the grocery store; health food stores generally charge huge amounts for fancy bath salts.

At the end of your salt scrub, jump into the shower for a steamy finish to rinse off the salt, and then remember that cold splash before you finish!

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