1,2,3,Body Cleansing: Lighten up for the New Year!

Body cleansing recharges your body for the new year

Celebrate the New Year with Body Cleansing!

Body Cleansing: Launch into the New Year with a Happy-Gut Makeover!

Have you ever made New Year’s resolutions only to break them by the first week’s end? Some of us have stopped making them altogether. The stench of failure is depressing and demoralizing. One reason that we do not sustain change easily is that the human brain is conditioned to crave the familiar. It takes a kind of deliberate rewiring, and a little help from friends, to give up stubborn negative habits.


What is a Happy Gut? Health & Happiness = Unlimited Potential

Prioritizing health and happiness is a new and revolutionary concept. Most of us were not raised by parents who valued fresh food, relaxation, exercise, or chemical-free living. It was not part of the 50’s and 60’s culture. These critical components of a delicious life were not understood to be the foundation for success: personal fulfillment, financial stability, relationship harmony, longevity, sexual vitality. You and I are helping to shift generational belief systems. It is not just about diet–so much of what we learned about life is being turned upside down and inside out. As an example, my childhood visits to Disneyland were highlighted by the thrill of a ride on Monsanto’s “Adventure Through Inner Space.” Who knew that someday we would be battling this company to preserve naturally grown food as we once knew it?

Paradigm Shifts Are Hard to Do Alone!OWH-CoverPHOTO

Because the most successful and enduring changes occur in a supportive atmosphere, where people are held accountable, I am launching the first Happy Gut Makeover of 2016 on January 3. This one-week mini-cleanse is guaranteed to tempt you to sustain the fantastic light feeling you will achieve by dumping wheat, dairy, sugar, and junk food. The simple cleansing diet recommended in my books allows for plenty of organic protein and fresh vegetables. It is the perfect way to shed pounds and speed up the metabolism. You will not starve. In fact, you will be super nourished and satisfied by tasty smoothies, soups, stews juices, and salads designed specifically for this cleanse.

Digestion Rules us!

Our emphasis is on healing digestion. When digestion works, pounds melt away, skin is radiant and energy soars. Constipation and diarrhea diminish or disappear. One of the most significant breakthroughs in my career is discovering the healing power of combining raw vegetable juices with easy-to-digest soups and stews. If you suffer with gas, bloating, and cramps from chomping salad after salad, this cleanse will be a relief. As delicious as they are leafy, green creations, smothered in our favorite dressing, wreak havoc on many a sensitive gut. And yet, we desperately need the vitamins, minerals and amino acids of the vegetable kingdom. My solution? Drink your greens and eat your protein and steamed, sauteed or grilled veggies. You will love the flat tummy that this delivers!

2106, Your Year of Sustainable Change

HGM-big-07-20-15I am excited for you join us for body cleansing on January 3 and 4th for the one-week Mini Makeover, and January 17 for the six-week Happy Gut Makeover. Meeting weekly in a private teleconference, I share secrets of successful body cleansing and digestion. You will have an opportunity to ask questions, relate your wins, and be supported through any bumps that appear along the way. I promise lots of laughs! I take health very seriously, but it is the laughter and love that will get us through.

Make 2016 your Year of Sustainable Change!

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