Holidays too Much of a Good Thing? Try My Gifts Codes! This Year, Give Yourself the Gift of Health & Well-Being.

If “too much of a good thing” is your MO during the holidays, try my health and well-being solutions and supplements!

The Happy Gut Cleanse formula sweeps the colon clean–plus it detoxifies the liver. If you are traveling, do not leave home without it. There is nothing like planes, trains, and strange bathrooms to play havoc with your body’s natural rhythms. 

However, if you cannot seem to resist the wild combinations that blend together at holiday meals, the Happy Gut Cleanse, my most popular supplement, is specially designed to reduce inflammation and boost your metabolism. I suggest trying two extra “the morning after” and you will feel so much better in no time.

What is the Ultimate Binge Protection?

Enzyme Energy is binge protection! The HCL in Enzyme Energy breaks down the fats and proteins that can make you feel sleepy and congested. And, digested food does NOT turn into fat and go directly to our thighs. It turns to muscle, brain fuel and energy. And, it lifts our mood and allows us the patience and creativity we need during family get-togethers.

Digestive enzymes changed my life. Before them, I don’t think I ever properly digested anything. After including digestive enzymes with protein meals, my brain focused, stomach flattened and blood sugar stabilized. I finally assimilated food.

Guilt-Free Hot Chocolate

Sugar-free, gluten-free (and caffeine-free) Chocolate All Day Energy is so delicious with hot almond or oat milk…or any of your favorite non-dairy delights! Add coconut cream on top and you’ll think its sinful, but your tummy will love it! And, who doesn’t love hot chocolate during the holidays?

All Day Energy has 15 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber. Sweetened with monk fruit, it has NO SUGAR, no wheat, and no dairy. In vanilla or chocolate, it is delicious blended with rice, hemp or almond milk, or mixed simply with water.

To Give the Gift of Health—Try My Secret Gift Codes Below

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An Extra Gift for the New Year

My book coach, Deborah S. Nelson—the “wonder woman” who helped turn my manuscripts and dreams to reality—is offering an inspirational New Years gift.

With any $50 purchase, you will receive the downloadable copy of her book “Change Your Story.” Have you ever wanted to tell your story—or, write a new life story? I do not know anyone who is more fun and easy to write and dream with, than Deborah S. Nelson. I am delighted she agreed to play Santa Claus this year!

Take advantage of at least one of these specials and make 2020 YOUR YEAR for radiant health and happiness beyond your wildest dreams!

Wishing you all healthy, joyful, happy holidays. Love you all!

Julia Loggins, Author
Digestive Health Consultant,
Santa Barbara, California

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