Julia’s Secrets to All-Day Energy

Leave the “Blah’s” Behind!

When I ask clients what they most desire in relationship to health and healing, the answer is nearly always, “More energy!”

The Seven Building Blocks of Energy

For me, great energy is the result of these seven things:


Clean, organic food

Fresh green juices

A clean colon

Nutrient-rich, digestible supplements

Regular exercise

Managing Stress

Happy Gut Tips in Your Own Home Spa! Food Combining tips

First You Stress, then You Drag, Next You Die

Depending on severity and impact, managing stress might be first on your list. The best diet in the world can not be an antidote to the physical and emotional assault of severe, persistent stress. I say that humbly, with my lifetime of experience of taking on too much stress. For years, I felt weak admitting that something was “too much” for me: i.e.,  a difficult, demanding boss, or a critical partner. Like me, you may need to learn through experience. However, if I can save you any pain, I share these words: trust your gut! It will never let you down.

When I think about the three supplements I am sharing below, my association with them is “energy.” I love having a tool-kit of nutritional powerhouses that keep me going through the day, into the evening, and when I’m traveling. The best part is that all of these are ready-to-use.

Secrets from the Energy Tool-Box


E3Live is a certified organic and wild aquafood from the North Klamath Lake in Oregon. It promotes immune health, a fast recovery after exercise, mood balancing and the ability to manage stress. Although it has no caffeine, I feel energized immediately after drinking it. E3Live comes frozen and is available on the E3Live website, at your health food store or on Amazon. I started with one tablespoon a day, and now drink one to two ounces a day. It is fantastic for cleansing and detoxifying the blood and liver.

Pure Aloe Force Organic Aloe Vera Juice

Whole, raw aloe vera juice packs over 250 naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and glycoproteins. Aloe is excellent for digestion and to promote healthy, regular elimination. It’s a favorite for clients who suffer from ulcers, colitis or constipation. Pure Aloe Force is available in your health food store or on Amazon. Drink on an empty stomach for best results.

Dr. Morter’s Alka Green Organic Barley Grass

Alka Green is a freeze-dried barley grass, and it has a sweet, mild taste that I really like. Barley Grass is rich in enzymes, naturally chelated potassium and calcium, vitamins, plant lipids and chlorophyll. One teaspoon mixes dissolves quickly in water or juice.

I hope you enjoy these energizers. And I invite you to do something about it. Join us this Sunday for week one of our Spring Cleanses! Talk about energy—if you want to super-charge your mind and body, the Spring Cleanse is just what you’ve been looking for. New information, great recipes, wonderful conversation!

 ITGH-AudioBookCover-4-11-2016 and energyDTD--2016CDCover and energyBooks Available in Audio

I am super excited that BOTH my books are available in audio form. Find them on my website for download, and or iTunes and Amazon Audible. After a successful run of the audio version of Dare to Detoxify! my clients convinced me to record my new book, It Takes Guts To Be Happy! They love listening as well as reading. I hope you do, too!

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