Julia’s 8 Favorite Natural Cold Remedies (Flu Remedies, too)

Natural Cold Remedies- Hot tea

Try chamomile tea–one of many natural cold remedies to Sooth sinuses.

8 Top Natural Cold Remedies for Winter Sniffles & Bugs

I hope you do not desperately need this post this week — in between Christmas and New Year! However, many of my friends and clients call and ask, “What can I take when I feel a cold or flu coming on? How about something that really works!”

Here are my favorite homeopathic and herbal natural cold remedies. They can greatly reduce symptoms and the length of time you might be sick. If you begin with them the moment you feel that tickle in your throat, or twist of nausea in your tummy, they may prevent you from getting sick entirely. These natural cold remedies (and flu remedies as well) are available on your favorite online homeopathic or herbal pharmacy, Amazon.com, or local health food store.


  1. Oscillococcinum, by Boiron: For body aches, headaches, fever, chills & fatigue. Thwart the flu the moment you feel it coming on by popping these homeopathics every 2 hours. Reduces symptoms if you are already suffering. Safe for kids over 2.
  2. Alpha CF, by B&T: Take at the first sign of a cold or flu. We’ve used these in our family for over two decades with excellent results. Mild tasting tablets dissolve quickly under the tongue.
  3. Yin Qiao, Chinese herbal remedy: Particularly effective in windy or chilly weather, excellent for allergies as well. We always keep this in our cupboard.
  4. Gan Mao Ling: Chinese herbal remedy; Powerful herbs for colds, viruses and bronchial issues. Thank you, Kat Burns, D.O.M., for introducing me to this fantastic formula.
  5. 999; This  pleasant-tasting Chinese formula comes in individual packets and dilutes quickly in hot water. It’s a teen and adult favorite because it’s effective immediately. Contains some caffeine.
  6. Pe Min Kan Kwan, Chinese herbal remedy: Extremely effective for Sinus congestion and  infections. Remember your saltwater nasal flush at the first sign of sinus inflammation. Also, do you know that many sinus infections are fed by Candida overgrowth? So take your probiotics and dump the sugar.
  7. Andrographis, herbal remedy: Effective for digestive issues as well as sinus/bronchial congestion and viruses. I use Paradise brand, but there are many companies that formulate this incredible herb.
  8. Cat’s Claw, herbal remedy: Ancient healing medicine for viruses and infections.  My favorite brand is Physica Energetica–Cat’s Claw Intrinsic,  but Standard Process also makes a lovely combination with holy basil.

Your Gut is Your Life–Take Probiotics!

natural Cold remediesContact your doctor or health practitioner for recommendations and specific diagnosis. I do. I like to know what I have, so that I can treat myself with natural cold remedies correctly. As you may know, antibiotics do not work on viruses. While antibiotics can be effective for some bronchial infections, they are less certain to work on the sinuses.

When you are fighting a cold or flu, take plenty of vitamin C, D and A. Always take a probiotic. Breathe in steamy eucalyptus or chamomile. Stay warm, pull the plug, and rest. Treat yourself with movies, foot rubs and chicken soup.

The best way to stay healthy is to cleanse and nourish. Part of the purpose of illness is to cleanse your body. I am excited about our Mini Makover Cleanse beginning next week, and our six week Happy-Gut Makeover beginning January 18!, Our Makeover will deliver you a healthier and happier 2016!



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