The Body Cleanse Finale’–Important as Beginning!

Happy people after a body cleanse

Congratulations! Now Your Body Cleanse Finale’ Begins

A body cleanse completed brings on a great feeling and is a personal win. To find the discipline and tenacity to complete a body cleanse–whether for 21 days or a long weekend, is commendable. You dumped the sugar, dairy, junk food, wheat, soda, alcohol, and coffee. You feel younger, lighter, and clearer. Now your tummy is flat and your eyes are sparkling. This accomplishment deserves celebrating–but not with a cheeseburger and beer! The end of a body cleanse is when you are apt to sabotage what you have worked so hard to achieve. (See videos at blog’s end for body cleansing success stories.)


A Great Body Cleanse Finale’ Equals Sustainable Detoxification

If you choose to celebrate with toxic food, all is not lost. Yet, you will most likely be demoralized. The self-respect you built by saying “no” to that afternoon latte and coffee cake will likely take a dive. And … you will feel horrible physically. If I may offer a kind warning–be thoughtful about your body cleanse finale’. One of my clients ended a juice fast on Thanksgiving, After eating two helpings of everything, he spent the rest of the night you-know-where … in the bathroom. Not fun!

Here are five simple tips to remember when ending a cleanse or a juice fast:

  1. End the body cleanse carefully. If you did a 21-day cleanse, give yourself at least 12 days to re-integrate foods into your diet that were not on the cleanse. Take at least half the time to end the cleanse as the cleanse was long. And do not introduce coffee or alcohol for at least three days.
  2. Practice food rotation. Food Rotation means adding foods one at time back to your diet. If you suspect that a certain food does not agree with you, eat it by itself at least twice. This is especially true if you struggle with digestive issues. Eating foods alone or with foods that you know agree with you, is a good way to identify food allergies. If you throw everything you love onto your plate at once, you will never know if these foods really serve you. This takes patience, but worth it. I promise. Food rotation is a great way for those with allergies to enjoy variety in their diet.
  3. Take food enzymes. This is important as you reintroduce foods into your diet, especially if your normal food combining is not as strict as on your cleanse.
  4. Protein shakes and freeze-dried greensThese are part of the foundation of a healthy nutritional program, along with fresh vegetable juices. If you stick to your cleansing-ritual of 50-75 grams of protein a day, every two-three hours, you will continue to lose weight, build energy, and detoxify your body.
  5. Jumping and brushing. Even if you cannot do this daily, continue jumping on a rebounder and do dry skin brushing as often as possible. Your lymph system will love you! That means less inflammation, decreased pain, and increased metabolism.

Here are what two of our Happy-Gut Makeover graduates have to say about their experience:

We hope you will join us for our next Happy-Gut Makeover for a group body cleanse in April!

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