Dump Cellulite With Lymphatic Drainage!

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Good lymphatic health will greatly diminish Cellulite from the Inside

Get Beautiful Legs again! Diminish Cellulite with Detoxification and Rebounding

From Sticky Cellulite to Smooth & Silky

By Julia Loggins

What is cottage-cheesy and not easy to dump with dieting alone? Cellulite! Even a sweaty gym work-out will not touch those bulges on our thighs and bum. Cellulite is not only the bane of the over-forty. Cellulite forms from a cocktail of processed food, fake fats, and toxic chemicals. As you will notice on a beach day, bodies of men and women of all ages bear these pock-marked tattoos of modern chemistry.

You can enjoy smooth, sexy, youthful skin! How? By making lymphatic drainage and detoxification a daily habit, you can dump the dimples and look good in a bathing suit once again. Best of all, you are doing something fantastic for your health and longevity. Cellulite is form of inflammation, the number one cause of illness and disease.

Rebounding to the Rescue

Unlike the heart, the lymphatic system – which runs like a river head to toe throughout our bodies has no pump to keep it moving. Here are five simple ways to purge the toxins that inflame the lymph, and are deposited in our colons and on our skin:

1) Bounce! Five to ten minutes a day on a rebounder drains the lymph  and is guaranteed to make you smile. Have you ever seen a child on a trampoline who is not laughing?

2) Dry Skin Brush. In It Takes Guts To Be Happy! I describe this effective and stimulating technique. Warning: Do not do this right before you go to bed! You may be too energized to close your eyes. You will notice your skin immediately softer, smoother and slightly tingly.

3) Professional lymphatic drainage. Enjoy the relaxing, soothing experience of a lymphatic expert who will find areas of congestion, and release them with subtle, yet powerful, movements. A series of treatments can do wonders to reduce and eliminate cellulite.

4) Clean Your Colon. Clogged, sluggish colons lead to cellulite formation. If waste does not have anywhere to go, it spills into the largest organ, the skin. When old, putrid waste has been removed, the skin will detoxify and those dimples will shrink. You will feel lighter and cleaner than you have ever felt!

5) Drink Water. Water flushes toxins and nourishes the lymph. Pop a sugar-free electrolyte tablet into purified or alkaline water, along with a squeeze of lemon. Alkalinity and hydration are critical to de-crinkle your skin.

It is summer, and we all want to feel and look beautiful. Cellulite does not have to be forever. Lymphatic health is the key to youthful skin.

For information on a lymphatic therapist in your area, call The Center for Lymphatic Health at 805-962-1882.



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