Healthy Choices: I Know What To Do, I Just Can’t Do It!

Healthy Choices Made Easy By Julia Loggins If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.  “How can I start to make healthy choices and how can I stop sabotaging myself?” is a question I hear every day. I will leave the question of why we undermine ourselves to the therapists to answer. Each […] Read more »

Dump Cellulite With Lymphatic Drainage!

From Sticky Cellulite to Smooth & Silky By Julia Loggins What is cottage-cheesy and not easy to dump with dieting alone? Cellulite! Even a sweaty gym work-out will not touch those bulges on our thighs and bum. Cellulite is not only the bane of the over-forty. Cellulite forms from a […] Read more »

Iagenetic practices in hospitals leading cause of death

What is Now the Number One Cause of Death? Iatrogenia.

Iatrogenia is #1 Cause of Death By Julia Loggins The World Health Organization, has named iatrogenia as the number one cause of death. Iatrogenia is an illness stemming from medical treatment, or from the complications of medical treatment. This means that the cure could be more harmful than the disease. Houston, we’ve got […] Read more »

Spill it; Keep A Journal!

The Power of the Pen If you have not put pen to paper and poured our your feelings, your thoughts, your hopes and dreams…what makes you sad, what makes you angry, your deep-down secrets … it’s time to write! There is no better way to find what makes you tick […] Read more »