From Feast to Fast to Lighten up for the New Year!

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Try a Fast after Feasting to Lighten up and Feel Good Again!

After the Feast, Try a Fast!

Feast or fast? If you are feeling bloated and blah this week after feasting, why not jump on board with my easy Mini Makeover Cleanse? This is a great way to shave inches gained by sampling Aunt Patty’s irresistible Thanksgiving berry pie. (This week, four of my clients reported it was the pies that got them!) It is fun to splurge on foods normally do eat. That is why I choose this week to lead us back to our salads, smoothies, and warm vegetable soups to nourish bodies and calm minds before the rest of the holidays overwhelm us.

There is no slowing this train down till January–by the way, pass the cookies! Let us deny the voice in your head that says, Screw it! I’ve already blown it. That negative self talk only leaves us feeling guilty and ashamed. We all have so much on our plates (excuse the pun!) this season–the shopping, decorating, and navigating family dynamics and relationship roller-coasters. Our nerves are starving for nutrient-dense greens, with amino acids and vitamin B. Our tummies crave easily digestible proteins. Our colons are yearning to empty those yummy pastries that turn to glue in our guts.


Cleansing is Fun in  a Group!

Not all of us are surrounded by like-minded families and partners. Even when we are, this time of year those lovely comrades may be too busy and distracted to notice we are faltering. And there is nothing better than sharing challenges and wins with friends who “get us.” Have you ever noticed that when cheating on diet, everything seems to go downhill after that? We say “yes” to things we do not want to do. We spend too much money at the mall. We may skip yoga or the gym. We go into major self-sabotage mode. We think it is “all or nothing,” and if we are not “perfect,” next we may succumb to the chocolate scone at the office party. Then we tell ourselves we’re weak and powerless. Our own minds can definitely become the Grinch that Stole Christmas!

try a juice fast or a veggie fast to clean your colon after the holidays

Try a Fast and Give Yourself the Gift of a Healthy Gut

Poisons Dumped Not Just from the Colon

In the mini Happy-Gut Makeover Cleanse, we laugh with each other as we love ourselves back to balance. We recover our sense of accomplishment and self-discipline by completing an entire week of sugar-free, junk-free eating, topped off by a one-day juice fast. And we bolster ourselves for the rest of the holiday season. If you have never fasted a complete day on vegetable juices, you won’t believe how good you will feel when you do. In this guided course, you will learn how to cleanse your colon on your own, and encourage your liver to let go of toxins. This modified fast can bring extra clarity and peace to your mind.

Where, oh Where, Is My Serotonin?HGM-big-07-20-15

Happiness producing serotonin is produced in a healthy gut. Ample Serotonin gives us patience and creativity when issues arise, allows us to savor the sweet moments, and  to be fully present. What more priceless gift can you give yourself or your loved ones than the gift of cleansing?

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