Food Combining for Gut Health & Weight Loss

food_combining_chartWith Good Food Combining–No More Antacid Tablets!

It is true. You can loose weight by using proper food combining! Do you burp, belch and lament your bloated belly? Are you frustrated over that ten pounds that will not come off? Are you exhausted an hour after you eat? Food combining may be your magic bullet.

Ten thousand years ago, we became farmers. For the 900,000 years prior to farming, 99% of our evolution–we were hunter/gatherers. In the mornings, we might have eaten berries, nuts or fruit. For dinner, we may have nibbled on seeds or wild greens. If hunters among us were lucky, we might feast on a small piece of fish, a wild egg, or a bird. Only in the latest one percent of evolution did unhealthy food combinations become possible through farming, ranching, and food storage options. Consuming meat, beans, rice, salad, and fruit at the same meal seems “normal” to us, but bio-genetically, healthy food combining is the rule. Based on how humans ate as we evolved, Dr. Howard Hay developed the concept of healthy food combining in the 1930’s. However, proper food combining is actually an ancient science.

Happy Gut Tips in Your Own Home Spa! Food Combining tips

The ABC’s of Food Enzymes

To digest carbohydrates, we need the enzyme amylase, made in our saliva, to pre-digest food while in the mouth. In order to digest protein, we need hydrochloric acid, or HCL, produced in the stomach. The saliva in our mouth thins when we eat protein in order for it to get into the stomach efficiently. If we eat proteins and carbohydrates together, as in the classic meal of pasta with meat sauce, or eggs and toast, we create a digestive disaster.

When these two food groups mix together, stomach acids work on protein, but the carbohydrates start to ferment. Heartburn, belching, and gas starts here. Blood sugar crashes and food is not broken down and assimilated into the body. Instead it begins to ferment like alcohol in the gut.

What Is Leaky Gut?

Meanwhile, the protein is beginning to rot and the carbohydrates are putrefying. Next comes stomach aches, constipation, indigestion, acid reflux, and allergies. Why allergies? When undigested food passes through the bowel skin into the blood and lymph system, it turns into a toxic substance that the body cannot recognize, use, or flush out. This condition is called leaky gut. 

Bye-Bye Muffin Top!

When using proper food combing, you allow your digestive system to work the way nature intended. Thoughtful food combining speeds up your metabolism and pounds will melt. Many successful weight loss diets are based primarily on food combing, such as “Fit For Life.” Once you get the hang of healthy food combining, it will be easy to do. No need to deprive yourself of any healthy, whole foods that you love. Go ahead, enjoy that baked potato! Yes, add butter.  Just eat it a couple of hours before eating any salmon or turkey slices, or other proteins.

Food Enzymes to the Rescue!

Besides good food combining, the best protection you can give your gut is to take food enzyme supplements. Enzymes are depleted through stress, aging, and eating cooked or processed food. Adding these little miracle workers to your meals will increase energy, fire up metabolism, and solve constipation issues. Read the label on the food enzyme bottle and make sure it includes HCL–the enzyme people over forty tend to lack. These food supplements will make a world of difference!

Enjoy your summer bar-b-ques, picnics, and family feasts. But eat that beautiful fruit salad at least 2 hours before your meats!

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  1. Cyndie Young says:

    In the chart it says that fruit should never be eaten with vegetables. So does that mean you can’t have lemon juice on your salad? Could you explain the sub-acid chart. It’s very confusing to me. Thanks!!

  2. Lynda says:

    Julia, you state, “The best protection you can give your gut is to take food enzyme supplements.”
    Can you suggest some that I can buy and take?
    Thank you! Lynda

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