Food Combining for Gut Health & Weight Loss

With Good Food Combining–No More Antacid Tablets! It is true. You can loose weight by using proper food combining! Do you burp, belch and lament your bloated belly? Are you frustrated over that ten pounds that will not come off? Are you exhausted an hour after you eat? Food combining […] Read more »

Weight Loss with Body Cleansing Creates More Energy!

  Body Cleansing for Sustainable, Healthy Weight Loss Tonight, one of the participants in the Happy Gut Makeover asked me a weight loss question, “Can I eat an unlimited amount of all the YES foods on the Cleanse and still lose weight?” No, you cannot. Gobbling handfuls of nuts, ghee-laden rye […] Read more »

The Secret To A Flat Tummy — And It’s Not More Sit-Ups!

A Happy Tummy is a Flat Tummy Crunches, sit-ups and planks do not guarantee a pouch-free tummy, no matter how many sets we do. Yes, core work is important. Strong abdominal muscles protect backs and posture, and open up our diaphragms.  But if it’s a flat tummy you want, pay […] Read more »