Friendship and Health Go Hand in Hand

Love and Hugs Support Friendship and Health and well being

Love and Hugs Support Friendship and Health

What Does Love Got to Do with it? Surprize–Friendship and Health Go Hand in Hand!

I have shared a dozen keys to health and vitality–juice fasting, food combining, and digestive enzymes, to name a few. But do you know what one main factor sustains enduring well being in both physical and mental health … especially during the holidays? The answer is not the latest supplement, pill, or weight-loss herb. It doesn’t cost anything, except time. We soar when we embrace it. We shrink when we neglect it. The answer: True friendship.

Anthropologists who study communities where people live and thrive up to 100 years of age and beyond, report that robust survivors nurture daily connection with friends throughout their lives. Their diets are simple and their days are not spent behind computers. The tribal bond is what these researchers credit with boosting health, vitality, and longevity, even in the face of the enormous scarcity and loss these communities often face. So is really is no surprise that friendship and health go hand in hand.


Toxic Habits of the Over-Worked & Under Nourished

How many of us take time daily to connect with those we love? We are overwhelmed with responsibilities. We are lucky to find five minutes to ourselves in the evening, after a full day of work, caring for children and elderly parents. Our lives, though rich and fulfilling, can be isolating.  Few of us live communally, cooking dinner with friends and sharing household chores.

Portrait Of Two Mature Female Friends Hugging

Longevity Boosted by Lifelong Love and Friendship and Health

Many of us have little or no support group. I know a dozen clients right now–extraordinary people who contribute mightily to the world. They give through their work, art, or service … but often feel lonely. Some of these lovely folks are married, but their partners do not share their passions or dreams. College grads who once made friends easily on campus find that true friendship on a 9-5 job is rare, where peers dash home to families right after work. Three clients who recently moved to Santa Barbara are thrilled to be in paradise, but have left behind lifetime friends. What do these three have in common? While struggling to eat well, occasionally — or often– they eat late at night, grabbing something sweet, fatty, or salty–which they later regret.

Friendship and Health Equal a Cleansing Buddy … Do You Need One?

HGM-big-07-20-15It is challenging to take optimal care of ourselves when alone or feeling alone. The week after Thanksgiving, I invite you to join me in a one-week Happy-Gut Cleanse. Learn the secrets of digestive health, lose a few pounds, flatten your tummy, and take a New You into 2016. Most importantly, you will meet some terrific, new people. One might become the pal you call at late at night when the cookie monster knocks on your door. And that’s the greatest holiday gift you can give or receive: true friendship and health.

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