Summer Fun with Julia’s Healthy Zucchini

What to Do with Too Much Zucchini Right now, many of us are looking for ways to enjoy the extra time at home. Creating fun and flavor from the garden to the kitchen with children and teens is a wonderful opportunity to make memories. One of the easiest vegetables to […] Read more »

Weight Loss with Body Cleansing Creates More Energy!

  Body Cleansing for Sustainable, Healthy Weight Loss Tonight, one of the participants in the Happy Gut Makeover asked me a weight loss question, “Can I eat an unlimited amount of all the YES foods on the Cleanse and still lose weight?” No, you cannot. Gobbling handfuls of nuts, ghee-laden rye […] Read more »

Friendship and Health Go Hand in Hand

What Does Love Got to Do with it? Surprize–Friendship and Health Go Hand in Hand! I have shared a dozen keys to health and vitality–juice fasting, food combining, and digestive enzymes, to name a few. But do you know what one main factor sustains enduring well being in both physical and […] Read more »