What Your Doctor May Not Tell Your About IBS and SIBO

What is the Truth About IBS and SIBO?

IBS. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is an acronym for a condition familiar to many of us. Unhappily, the see-saw of constipation and diarrhea, plus painful cramps, can include chronic and even, debilitating symptoms. Although typically treated with symptom relief pills, that is not good enough for most of us! However, my clients have seen incredible long-term results with diet change, colon cleansing lymphatic therapy, and stress reduction. Read Katherine’s inspiring story on page 179 of “It Takes Guts To Be Happy! A 21-Day Plan To Heal Your Belly & Re-Charge Your Life.”

IBS irritable bowel syndromeSmall Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth–SIBO, is new to many vocabularies. Yet, SIBO is suddenly common in the USA population. The symptoms are irritable bowel, diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, fatigue, brain fog, anemia, and depression. Doctors usually prescribe a combination of antibiotics upon a positive diagnosis by a breath test. If you have it, or know anyone who does, you understand the frustration of a “disease” that conventional medicine alone often cannot fully heal. In fact, only 50% of my clients diagnosed with SIBO were helped by the antibiotic regimen.

What Actually Causes SIBO?

The reason SIBO exists is the reason why most illnesses exist. The gut and the immune system–of which 80% resides in the gut–is already seriously compromised. Consequently, overgrowth of intestinal bacteria abounds. In addition, chronic constipation is a factor. And stress decimates the stomach’s ability to make hydrochloric acid. HCL is key to digestion and protecting the body from nasty bugs. Certain drugs, parasites, and the chemicals in processed foods, contribute to the “perfect storm” of gut degradation.

Fresh fruit vegetables, are prevention for IBS

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables to Heal IBS

What steps can we take to heal once we receive a SIBO diagnosis? Also, how can we protect ourselves from contracting it in the first place?

One of the best preventions for IBS and SIBO is a fresh, organic, sugar and gluten-free diet–with the emphasis on fresh. If you are experiencing symptoms of stress, such as anxiety and depression, reach out for help. And, if you feel you might have SIBO, I suggest you find a functional medicine doctor who will prescribe an herbal and dietary regimen. We have found that these three supplements may provide relief, and support, that lead to healing.

Happy Gut Tips in Your Own Home Spa! Food Combining tips

Enzyme Energy For Protein Digestion!

Enzyme Energy for Protein Digestion and IBS helpOne of the best things you can do to prevent and heal SIBO is to add a hydrochloric acid supplement to your meals. ENZYME ENERGY is a low-dose HCL, which is well-tolerated even by sensitive stomachs. HCL allows for the digestion of protein and complex carbohydrates. In this way, they will be easily assimilated and eliminated, as well as protecting the body from parasites and bacteria.

PROBIO-ENERGY To the Rescue!

Probio Energy helps with Digestion and improves IBS SymptonsOne of the best ways to protect your gut is by adding a powerful probiotic to your daily regime. PROBIO-ENERGY, with 30 billion CFU per capsule, is so effective that even a strong antibiotic does not inhibit its survival in the intestinal tract. And, best of all, it does not require refrigeration. This four-strain bacteria has been scientifically tested to ensure viability while the foil pouch protects each capsule from air and moisture.

The Happy Gut Cleanse Keeps it Moving!Happy Gut Makeover Cleanse Helps with IBS

Not a laxative, but a safe, gentle combo of herbs that encourage bowel motility, the Happy Gut Cleanse is a defense against bacterial overgrowth. In addition, you won’t find yourself away from home, with cramps and diarrhea after taking this! Notably, an anti-inflammatory, this supplement does not contain senna or cascara sagrada–the strong herbs commonly used in laxatives.

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