Rescue Your Gut this Holiday Season with Probiotics!

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gastroenterologist teaching about the power of Probiotics

Learning About Probiotics & Gastrointestinal Health

Every Body Needs Probiotics!

Right up front, I am not endorsing Probiotic America or the product that Dr. Cary Nelson sells on his video. He did not pay me to write this blog. I have never used Probiotic America probiotics, so I cannot speak to their quality.

Yet I am wildly endorsing the info in this “infomercial,” as it describes how the gut works and how it is destroyed. In a clear, convincing, and entertaining way, Dr. Nelson teaches the fundamentals of gut health. He covers Candida, which is an overgrowth of yeast in the gut. Many Americans and most of my clients suffer from Candida overgrowth. Dr. Nelson’s video has gone viral, and once you view it, you will likely understand why. Here is the link to Probiotic America.


Gut Bugs–the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Healing with Fermented Foods

I agree with Dr. Nelson that fermented foods such as kimchi assist the gut in making probiotics naturally. However, not everyone can digest them. If you are suffering from colitis or IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), begin by adding one teaspoon of fermented foods to your meals, and slowly increase. If this amount causes gas and bloating, rely on a high potency probiotic (over 20 billion). I do not use a favorite brand. In fact, I usually switch brands every three to four months, as do many of my colleagues. We have found that our bodies respond positively to this rotation technique. It is similar to the system used by allergic individuals for their daily diet, not repeating the same foods day after day. You can find a list for the ten most efficient probiotics online, or ask the expert at your health food store to recommend one. Be sure it is dairy-free and start with one a day on an empty stomach. Remember, more is not always better.

Re-Booting Your Immune System

Take Probiotics on the Road to Health and Wellbeing

Take Probiotics on the Road to Health and Wellbeing

Probiotics strengthen and sustain the immune system. My clients report that adding probiotics has decreased their number of colds; and their recovery time when they do become ill. Today, Annie, a mother of three college-age kids, who has recently been treated for breast cancer, shared, “All three were sick with a cold or flu when they walked through the door Thanksgiving. Six months ago, I would have wanted to instantly cover my face with a doctor’s mask to protect myself. Armed with fresh vegetable juices and my probiotics, I sailed through the holiday and didn’t get one bug. It was a real break-through.

HGM-big-07-20-15The Gift of Better Health

The If I only had one gift to toss into your stocking this season, it would be top-notch probiotics. Nothing helps re-balance a suffering gut bloated from holiday indulgences more. Enjoy treats in moderation, my friends — for in January, we shall cleanse together!




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