Protein Power for a Strong Immune System

Masks are Not the Solution—Build Gut Health!

Mask safety is a myth. The data shows that wearing masks minimally protects against mutating viruses and bacteria. Even so, I follow mandatory restrictions, wear a mask in public, and avoid crowds. Yet, to attain true health, one must build immune resilience through relentless attention to the gut. Immunity Starts […] Read more »

Colon Cleansers for Stubborn & Clogged Body Systems

A Movement a Day–Keeps the Doctor Away! This week’s blog provides detailed information about colon cleansers. Mood, energy, and mental clarity is ruled by the gut. And nothing puts a damper on vibrancy like constipation … or diarrhea. If you suffer from IBS, you experience both. My clients who struggle […] Read more »

Rescue Your Gut this Holiday Season with Probiotics!

Every Body Needs Probiotics! Right up front, I am not endorsing Probiotic America or the product that Dr. Cary Nelson sells on his video. He did not pay me to write this blog. I have never used Probiotic America probiotics, so I cannot speak to their quality. Yet I am wildly […] Read more »