The Secret To A Flat Tummy — And It’s Not More Sit-Ups!

Woman making a heart symbol over her tummy with her hands, isolated in white

A Happy Tummy is a Flat Tummy

A Happy Tummy is a Flat Tummy

Crunches, sit-ups and planks do not guarantee a pouch-free tummy, no matter how many sets we do. Yes, core work is important. Strong abdominal muscles protect backs and posture, and open up our diaphragms.  But if it’s a flat tummy you want, pay attention to the gut flora.  A devilish little bacteria called “Candida,” which disrupts gut flora balance, may be the culprit you’ve been struggling with. Improper food combining also contributes mightily to unwanted and embarrassing gas, as well as bloat. Dump that extra weight around the middle with tips from the list below:

Sugar Feeds the Bad Bacteria

  1. “Candida” is a condition in the gut in which unhealthy bacteria outnumbers the good guys. It’s caused by antibiotics, stress, sugar, and hormonal swings. Not only does it cause gas, bloating and weight gain, but also depression, brain fog, allergies, fatigue and headaches. If these symptoms sound familiar, read the chapter on Candida in my book, It Takes Guts To Be Happy! I describe a specific diet and protocol which effectively eliminates candida and restores probiotic balance to the gut.  Say hello to your flat tummy once again.

The Magic of Food Combining

2.   In an attempt to cut rich deserts, many people eat fruit at the end of a  meal. While a noble idea, it won’t help with weight loss. That is because it defies the rules of food combining — the understanding that fats, proteins, carbs and fruit take different digestive enzymes to assimilate. If we eat these foods together, they turn to acid in our stomachs and sludge in our colons. Ugh. Acid reflux, constipation, IBS and bad breath are borne of classic American meals such as turkey sandwiches or eggs and toast. Refer to the food combining chart in either of my books for a simple guide to this magic formula for a flat tummy. Clients have lost 10 pounds just by following it!

Sparkling Water is Gas-In-A Bottle

3.   Sparkling or bubbly water causes gas, bloating and disrupts digestion on every level.  I will always be grateful to the nutritionist who pointed out to me over 40 years ago that all the Perrier I was drinking was one of the causes of my colitis. Sparkling water is often full of hidden salt, as well. And not the good kind, such as Himalayan sea salt or kosher salt, which boosts our energy and protects us from dehydration.  Substitute flat water with lemon or lime for the bubbly, and watch your bloat disappear!

I love to wear loose fitting clothing, but it’s wonderful not to have to.  By following the tips above, you’ll not only look better, but have more energy, mental clarity and lose weight in all the right places. Here’s to a week of digestive ease!


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