How to Heal Bladder or Yeast Infections Naturally

Staying free from yeast infections

Six Natural Ways to Heal Bladder or Yeast Infections!

Yeast infections and bladder infections. No one wants to talk about them. Once they become infected with one, it becomes a primary topic of conversation. Anyone who has experienced these, know they are painful, inconvenient, and distracting. Left untreated, bladder infections can lead to kidney infections. Yeast infections can become systemic, causing rashes, allergies and breakdown the immune system. Nothing can ruin summer lovin’ or a summer vacation faster than one of these two demons. This article gives some tried and true remedies for these malicious maladies.

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Bladder Infections Burn!

How do you know if you have a bladder infection? You will feel burning when you pee and you need to pee often. Occasionally, someone will experience a bladder infection without the burn, with frequent urination. These are caused by bacteria in the bladder. A safe and inexpensive way to test for a bladder infection is to buy a home diagnostic test kit. Kits are available at any health food or drug store for under $15. If your test kit shows you with even a slight bladder infection, these remedies work:

  1. Cranberry extract capsules. more effective than cranberry juice, with no added sugar.
  2. D-Mannose Powder. This is a naturally occurring simple sugar that is metabolized in small amounts by the body, with the remainder excreted into the urine. D-Mannose interferes with particle attachment, and allows everything to be flushed out in the urine stream, and has been proven to help maintain a healthy urinary tract.
  3. Dr. Richard Schulze’s Kidney-Bladder tincture. This is an organic herbal tincture containing uva ursi and powerful cleansing herbs designed to heal the bladder and kidneys. Excellent preventative for anyone dealing with chronic bladder infections. Available at or 1-800-herbdoc. Dr. Schulze also makes a Kidney-Bladder tea.

Check your acid/alkaline balance with a pH strip, as acidity contributes to bladder and yeast infections. Drink plenty of water, and, while you are healing. Add fresh, green juices to your diet, and avoid sugar, coffee, alcohol and all processed foods.

These remedies should shift your symptoms in 24-48 hours. If you have a fever, are pregnant, or if your symptoms increase, seek medical advice.  Some bladder infections and all kidney infections need to be treated with antibiotics.

Yeast Infections Itch!

You have contracted a yeast or candida infection if your lady parts itch, burn, feel uncomfortable or excrete an unusual odor or discharge. Other symptoms include rashes, gas, bloating, headaches, body aches, depression and anxiety. Yeast infections are caused by an imbalance in intestinal flora. Often triggered by antibiotics, stress can make the body vulnerable to yeast infections. Sex with a new partner or soaking in a hot tub can trigger flair ups. Remedies that will calm the itch and heal the immune system are listed below:

  1. Eliminate Toxins. Dump sugar, yeast, wheat, vinegar, alcohol, processed foods, coffee and soda! Yeast thrives on these substances. See the Candida chapter in my book, It Takes Guts To Be Happy! A 21-Day Cleansing Plan to Heal Your Belly & Recharge Your Life.
  2. Herbal Cleanses. Buy a candida cleanse formula at the local health food store. Take it for 30 days. Find products that contain pao d’ arco, garlic and grapefruit seed extract. Diet alone does not always heal a yeast infection or candida imbalance.
  3. Herbal Products. The herbal product mentioned above, Dr. Schulze’s Kidney-Bladder Tincture, is excellent for yeast infections.
  4. Probiotics. Take probiotics daily.
  5. Suppositories. Douche with 1 tbsp pure borax and 2 drops of tea tree oil. You can also buy a homeopathic product called Yeast Arrest in suppository form.
  6. Garlic. Add fresh garlic to your salads.

If symptoms persist, seek medical attention. Join us for our fall cleanse, if you suffer chronically with either of these ailments. Help your body heal these infections once and for all!

Wishing you a bladder-and-yeast-infection free summer!

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