Holiday Gift Ideas for Health & Happiness

gifts of health and wellness

The Gift of Health & Wellness is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Health and Wellness with a Ribbon & a Bow!

Wondering what to give your health-nut friend for Christmas? What might be a great gift for your dad with a nagging back ache who loves gadgets? Check out my top ten health and wellness gift ideas! These health and wellness gifts make staying healthy easy. Who doesn’t appreciate a shortcut in their wellness habits? Spoil yourself, and use this list to answer the next person who asks you, What do you want for Christmas?


Top Ten Health and Wellness Gifts

  1. The NutriBullet — This little blender whips up smoothies and soups in seconds, and small enough to fit in your college student’s dorm-room. The blender body can also transform into a travel cup. For under $40, it us the best investment in fast-food nourishment you’ will find.
  2. The Earthing Grounding Mat — This mat sits under your feet while you type away on your computer, re-balancing your energy and decreasing pain and anxiety., under $75.
  3. Yonanas Banana Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine –Makes frozen fruit into delicious, creamy ice cream in minutes! $50.
  4. Crockpot — Economical solution to coming home to a fresh, hot meal! Under $50.
  5. Freezer packs & Thermoses for portable meals. Under $50.
  6. Rebounder — Get Your Jump On and Exercise Your Lymph! Under $1oo.
  7. Black Out Curtains — #1 doctor-recommended product for promoting a good night’s sleep, under $100.
  8. Organic Flowers Of the Month Club — Have an organic bouquet delivered to your sweetheart every month! Eco-friendly way to say “I love you!”
  9. Foam Roller — For stretching out the back after workouts or a long day at the computer, $35.
  10. Glass Containers –Toss out that Tupperware and go  glass; $50.
  11. Certificate for Lymphatic Therapy — Massage or the Local Juice Bar, $100.
  12. It Takes Guts To Be Happy! signed by me, with a gift certificate for a Wellness Consultation or colonic, both for $99!

Health and Wellness, the Most Valuable Gift of all!

HGM-big-07-20-15To me, the best gift is always something from the heart — a home-cooked meal, a scrapbook, a weekend away, or even a health and wellness gift! Nothing matters more to me than time with loved ones. Maintaining a healthy mind and body is my gift to them and to myself. It us hard to be present when your stomach aches and your head pounds, or even worse.

When choosing gifts for your beloveds this year, do not forget to budget for your health and wellness needs, too. If you want a gym membership or a monthly pass to a yoga studio, just do it! Grab a buddy and join me in January for the Happy-Gut Makeover! With just a few spots left, sign up now for the special Holiday discount of $249 for six weeks with me! You will get support, cleansing, and will welcome 2016 with a flat tummy and more energy than ever! How much is your health and wellness worth? It is Priceless.

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