How to Ditch Stress & Reclaim Peace No Matter What

Does Change Always Need to be Stressful?

Reclaim peace with Julia's five favorite stress busters.
Getting from Panic to Peace

Are you resisting change and struggling to feel grateful in the current disorderly world? Our world has never been more out of control. Is your sense of well-being wearing thin from stress? Many are struggling to keep their spirits high while taking care of their bodies and each other!

In this post, I share five effective stress-busting ideas about how to reclaim your peace during destabilizing times. You can do this by shifting your attitude and healing your gut. But how can you “shift” when nothing seems to make sense anymore? Read on, as I share my five favorite methods to feel at peace again.

Five Favorite Stress Busters from Julia

1. You Are Not Alone. A close friend confided that he has seen more stress cases in the last three months than in his previous 40-years as an emergency room doctor. Consequently, I learned stress symptoms include shortness of breath, unwavering anxiety, confusion, fatigue, brain fog, headaches, stomach aches, overeating, and restlessness.

2. Identify Your Stress Symptoms. Stress is personal and expresses itself in unique ways. I want to encourage you to detect symptoms of unease before they pass a place of no return. I successfully manage my emotions by identifying stress cues before they become debilitating. However, the same things do not work for everyone. Find your own personal balance for keeping anxiety at bay. Do not let the stress thief rob your serenity and well-being. You lock your house. Lock your heart, mind, and soul to prevent stress from breaking through.

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3. Invent Your Own Stress Busters. Following are a few stress buster ideas. Increase tranquility through brisk walks in nature, diaphragmatic breathing, prayer, mediation, reflective writing, as well as communication. Additionally, turn off the news and watch a funny movie instead. Most importantly, take care of your gut. Unfortunately, prolonged anxiety obstructs digestion, which in turn hampers brain function. Through many years of trial and error, I treat my sensitive gut by supplementing with Enzyme Energy during meals. I also suggest Happy Gut Cleanse to counteract sluggishness and bloating.

Make yourself an immune-boosting protein shake to relieve stress.
Make yourself an immune-boosting protein shake

4. Build Your Nutritional Reserves. When I feel anxious, I opt for protein shakes and smoothies to boost nutritional intake. Therefore, I mix All Day Energy Vanilla and Protein Power with water and ice. Within minutes, I feel calmer and energized. This is due to the fact that protein feeds the brain and balances blood sugar. Subsequently, a nourished brain can maintain patience, creativity, and emotional stability.

5. Be Grateful. Finally, list 10 aspects for which you are thankful! This usually shifts my attitude by the time I get to #3. What a stress buster this is! Once I recall what I appreciate about myself and my life—I feel peaceful instantly.

I also encourage you to do something special for yourself today. Try a new stress buster or Cleansing for Energy supplement to make you feel super good inside.

Julia Loggins, Author & Digestive Health Consultant

Julia Loggins,
Author & Digestive Health Consultant,
Santa Barbara, California

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