True Stories of Losing Weight & Feeling Great!

It Takes Guts to be Happy! Mastering Menopause Makeover with Julia Loggins, Digestive Health Expert

Summer Happy-Gut Makeover for Losing Weight!

What a privilege to lead a glorious group of women on their journey to vibrant health this summer! Enthusiasm and excitement reigned on our group calls. I have loved listening to success stories of losing weight, stabilizing mood swings, and increasing energy. We have discovered the joy of smoothie days and juice fasting. We shared recipes for entrees and deserts, and cheered each other on for the last six weeks. Our last call, everyone shouted their enthusiasm to meet again for the fall cleanse. Now that’s what I call starting a Happy-Gut Movement!

Happy Gut Tips in Your Own Home Spa! Food Combining tips

I am thrilled to share these two stories of success and happiness. The first is from Kristen Swegles– a Santa Barbara acupuncturist, herbalist, and busy mom of Kai, age two.

Detoxify the Gut & Increase Alkalinity!

Krsiten Swingles losing weight with 21-day cleanse

What a gift Julia brings with her loving presence and wisdom about the human body! The journey over six weeks of cleansing with the support of others was enlightening and tremendously healing for my whole family. One of the best gifts I received was learning the fun and necessity of creating yummy protein smoothies daily, and sharing them with my two-year old. We have better sleep, more energy and better moods as a result. As an acupuncturist and herbalist, I know what is offered in this course is the best preventative medicine. In my case, the only cure for my stomach pain was taking the steps Julia gave to detoxify the gut and increase alkalinity. I am truly grateful that I now have gifts to share with my son about how to have a healthy body and a happy life!

–Kristen Swegles, Santa Barbara, California

Off the Diet Roller Coaster for Good!

And here is graphic artist and community activist Carol Stall’s story:

carol stall losing weight with 21-day happy-gut cleanse

My thanks go out to Julia Loggins for her kind and patient dedication to teaching this amazing cleanse. I recently took Julia’s 21-day cay cleanse and for the first time in decades I’m off the diet roller coaster for good. For years I have been unable to lose weight except very temporarily. I’ve spent thousands on diets only to have them backfire with added weight gain, voracious appetite issues inability to feel full–and the resulting depression. Finally, my appetite is under control, veggies actually taste wonderful, and I don’t wake up and go to bed hungry.

The Cleanse & Losing Weight

I’m not dreading doctor visits–expecting terrifying results. Instead, I am watching my body transform in what feels to be a permanent positive change. The excess weight I’ve been schlepping around for years is coming off (slowly since there is a long way to go) but surely. I will be keeping on with this cleanse that is more like the true lifestyle change (we hear touted by so many diets). With Julia’s guidance, it did not feel at all like a task or a grueling regime requiring discipline. Instead it’s been a delightful learning process. Thank you Julia for bestowing such powerful tools upon us–and for giving us hope for change.

Join Us in the Fall!HGM-big-07-20-15

I am looking forward for our fall cleanse and hope you can join us. Getting beyond calorie counting, and temporary diets, you’ll discover how gut health and body alkalinity are related to  overall health and permanently losing weight!


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