How to Choose Protein Powders!

UltraClear Protein PowdersProtein Powders as a Key Cleansing Tool

As you know, I am a big fan of protein powders. They are a key component of the 21-Day Cleansing Plan that I share in my book, It Takes Guts To Be Happy!  This ready-to-go food blends easily with water or rice, almond, or coconut milk into a delicious, nutritious shake or smoothie. The perfect snack or meal substitute for busy kids and adults, protein powders are a great way to insure that you and loved ones consume the protein needed to build muscles and stabilize blood sugar. As my number one effective junk food binge preventer, protein powder drinks prevent sudden hunger and severe blood sugar drops to keep you from grabbing something detrimental to your health. Drink this meal-in-a-glass for breakfast, before or after exercising, or late at night, instead of a high-caloric, fatty, sugary glob of refined carbohydrates. Trade that rotting food in your gut that will stick like glue to your thighs, for a protein shake that will fill you up without filling you out!


Not all Protein Powders Are Created Equally

My favorite protein powder is Metagenics Ultra Clear Rice Protein, but there are many fabulous protein powders available. For best results, select one which is dairy, sugar and gluten-free, such as Xmogen’s Opti-Cleanse (sugar and stevia-free). Another excellent choice is Santa Barbara-made “Ultimate Meal.” Some protein powders are flavored with cacao and/or vanilla, others with strawberry or raspberry. Protein powders with dozens of ingredients may be challenging for those with allergies. If that is you, look for a simpler product with as few ingredients as possible. Read the label, and do not take for granted that the protein powder is sugar-free just because you find it in a health food store. I drink mine “straight,” just with water–but feel free to whip up a frothy smoothie by adding non-dairy milk, coconut oil, frozen fruit or greens such as parsley, spinach, kale or cilantro. Experiment with the luscious smoothie recipes from the 21 Days of Happy Gut Tips!  available on my website.

Lose the Fat and Cellulite With Protein Powders

Skipping a meal and drinking a protein smoothie is a terrific way to lose fat and dump cellulite, which is caused by toxicity in the fat cells. In fact, try a whole day of smoothies and juice only to recharge your energy and clear your head. Participants in the Happy-Gut Makeover Cleanse reported on our call last Sunday how much they love their smoothie-fasting day. With protein shakes added to a juicing regime, you never need to feel weak, light-headed or vulnerable to cravings.

Light, Clear Energy, all Day Long

Drink Protein Powders for detox until our Next Happy-Gut Makeover Cleanse

I cannot imagine my life without protein powder. While traveling, protein powders have rescued me from gnawing hungry, nourished me when I was pregnant, and continues to fortify me all day at work. My children both transitioned from breast milk to simple smoothies before they were walking; and Luke took a canister of Ultra Clear with him as he backpacked through Europe last summer. Even is you are vegan, or vegetarian, with protein powders it is easy to consume 50-75 grams of protein a day. once you find a protein powder you love. Before investing in a giant-size container, first buy and test the individual packets of protein powders until you find the best one for you.

Enjoy your shake and smoothie and join us on our next Happy-Gut Makeover, coming soon in April!

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