Digestive Help for Kids & Teens

Identifying Digestive Disorders Do you ever feel that your child might be dealing with digestive issues? Does your child or teenager complain of frequent stomach aches, headaches, gas or bloating? Do they experience allergies, hay fever or asthma symptoms? Are they constipated or have diarrhea? Do they have skin break-outs or are prone […] Read more »

Keys to Natural Fertility & Having a Baby of Your Own

Natural Fertility and Mind-Body State The subject of natural fertility is dear to my heart. Like many, I wanted a baby more than anything. However, I struggled with what doctors labeled as “infertility” for years. After the massive disappointment of three miscarriages I found the work of fertility pioneer, Niravi Payne, In 1992 […] Read more »

Ever Thought of Juice Fasting? Now is the Best Time!

The Ancient Art of Fasting In a recent documentary produced by the website, The Truth About Cancer, Dr. Joseph Mercola stated that one of the keys to vibrant health is intermittent fasting.  Juice fasts were an integral part of what I used to heal and regenerate my body over three […] Read more »