Having too Much Fun with Body Cleansing–Join us!

body cleansing together is so much fun!

Body Cleansing Feels GOOD!

Busting the Myth: Body Cleansing and Detoxification is NOT Difficult

Isn’t body cleansing supposed to be rigorous, uncomfortable, isolating, and maybe even painful? Well, if it is, the participants in the Mini Happy-Gut Makeover Cleanse last week did not get that memo. We are having fun! Here are some comments:

Jacqueline: “Within three days, I was pain-free! The inflammation in my legs and thighs is nearly gone. I can see my ankles!”

John: “I have more energy than I’ve had in years! And I feel completely rested when I wake up, instead of cranky and tired.”

Kathryn: “In one week I’ve lost two and a half pounds!”

Dee: “I feel light as a feather!”


Be a Body Cleansing Commando

I am smiling from ear to ear watching this week’s enthusiastic New Year’s group of cleansing commandos. They have quickly segued from holiday treats to deep green salads, warm soups, stews, and clean proteins. Their commitment to renewing bodies and minds is contagious–they are compassionate and incredibly supportive of one another. Together, we are making and sustaining transforming strides. If you are resistant to sharing your diet demons, food-choice frustrations, or embarrassment at the thought a home enema–you will have company now. You are not alone, and there is success in numbers. If you have lacked ability to reclaim your kitchen pantry and refrigerator for energy, clarity and longevity, jump on board with us this Sunday night! Hear how body cleansing is done with ease and speed.

To give you a quick glimpse of what we are doing, this is the cleansing protocol we will embrace for the next six weeks, starting January 17.


  • Organic veggies (except white potatoes)
  • Organic fruits (no dates)
  • Organic raw veggie juices, beans, nuts, seeds, nut & seed milks
  • Rice, quinoa, wild rice & oats
  • Good, raw, organic fats
  • Sugar-free protein powder & organic protein (animal protein allowed in three-four ounce servings)


  • Sugar, honey, maple syrup
  • Wheat, dairy products, processed, or preserved foods
  • Fake fats, fast foods, coffee, alcohol, soda, artificial sweeteners

Are You Ready to Feel Better than Ever?

We will also be enjoying a juice fasting (or smoothie) day every Sunday, to maximize cleansing and detoxification, weight loss, and metabolic turbo-charging. To increase results, everyone is encouraged to do a home enema or get a professional colonic . If you have never had one, this is your opportunity! I am offering them at a discount to everyone in the Happy-Gut Makeover Cleanse.

Protein Makes the Adrenals Happy

No one is starving here! I encourage all participants to eat 50-75 grams of protein a day so muscle continues to build and the adrenals are protected. This amount of protein sounds like a mountain-full, but looks like this:

  • Two protein shakes, spinach salad, and one small piece of wild salmon OR
  • Two poached eggs, cup of hearty lentil soup, and almond butter on apple slices OR
  • Two protein shakes, chicken breast, and avocado on wild dressed greens

See how simple is this!

Living at the Speed of Light

love your belly by doing body cleansing this New Year

Loving Your Gut with a New Year’s Cleanse


Bust the myth with us that cleansing and detoxification is drudgery and work. In all reality being sick is even more work! It takes time, energy and money. Being healthy is living at the speed of light. Register for the Happy-Gut Makeover Cleanse. See you Sunday!

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